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Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network show bryan alvarez here wrestling observer lab mexico v also wrestling observer dot com well. It's sort of all these injuries here. Today is ricky starks. So ricky starks was doing a match with hangman. Page dynamite april twenty first and you guys were that spot where hangman went to do. The german and ricky was supposed to flip over land on his feet but he didn't flip over far enough in the timing was often. He laid it on his head well. He fractured his neck. And then if things couldn't get any worse he fractured his neck. And then all of a sudden he was limping. The match well. He injured his knee so he worked the rest of that match with a fractured neck in an injured knee. And complain like nothing. You got a buzz. Mike didn't complain or anything like that. And they go back. And they checked out the the The injury and fractured neck is going to be out at least three months now. The thing with at least three months is that's going to be the time it's going to take for his neck to get better but he has to go in for another evaluation on his knee. So if that's bad if he tore like an acl or something like that. I mean he could end up being out for the majority of the year. So i mean this is a tough guy and like i said from what i was told. He didn't complain about it. Nothing but now he s to Have the knee evaluated and it could be quite a while before we see back on television. Hopefully not hopefully the knees right three months from now the next better and he's back on television but there is still a lot to be determined about the immediate future at least of ricky starks. Also last night on raw we had a umberto correo and shame. Mismatch and umberto korean shameless decided they were gonna do a sunset flip power. Bomb shameless is on the apron and emerge was going to do a sensitive power bomb. Powerbombed him on the floor. I don't know what they were thinking but Shameless ends up. Being on the left leg of umberto correo and berta careers. His whole lower body goes limp. I mean he can move his legs he can barely do a sit up and he was actually doing something with his hands so i don't know if he lost feeling in his hand he's kind doing something like this so i don't know if he was testing his hand or if he was going this to say something to the anyway. It's not good and then chambers is down there on the ground they both are selling that they're pretty much knocked out. Well sheamus is and careers is trying to move his legs. So the referee goes out there and the referee checks on him and the referee decides this match cannot continue at which point. Even though they're both unconscious Allegedly early shame unconscious and umberto correo is is injured. The referee declared shame of the winter. So that was weird now. The good news is that Umberto correo is apparently fine Whatever it was. And i don't know what it was i. He was deemed enough to today if he has you. So that's very good news. And i mean the thing is it's not the injuries obviously the biggest concern but i was checking to see if umberto was okay yesterday and i got the a okay that he's fine but i also was told and this is why they raised shame as his hand because shaimaa was supposed to win the match. Okay so she supposed to win. Something goes wrong. Both guys outside the ring the referee's call it up instead of just stopping the match and waiting enough. He declares shames to winner. So then i really got thinking about it once i once. I was not worried about invert to anymore. I got thinking about it and Sheamus was supposed to beat berta creo again. So if you've been watching the show shame as an open challenge and like umberto correo like this guy can't catch a break and so this is the go home. Show for the pay per view on sunday and the stipulation was like if umberto career one he was gonna get a match against shameless at the pay per view but he was booked to lose. So i mean it doesn't matter because it's like everything we see on raw all the time but like what is their plan here for umberto correal.

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