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He I am thinking about how long that's going on fats called a boo pop. Is a boo boo, boo. Boo. Pop pop. So I get goosebumps. When I hear that. Because for a lot of my career, I was a he'll I was a bad guy. And that's your goal to get people to hate something, you say, straight seconds of booze always forty seconds. I didn't know that. Wow. Forty seconds. I will tell like a lot of you, folks. Listen to me the rest of fans, but you guys maybe arm wrestling fan. So those are wrestling fan I'll smartly up a little bit. So in wrestling for like, a long time sports is used nation. Sports is us to trigger an emotion out of a certain town or city or whatever. And it's it's we call his cheap. Okay. Because it's easy. It's the low hanging fruit. So that's what I mean by cheap. So it's easy for a bad guy to get that reaction to rip the Seattle Seattle the best team, or you know, you go to go to whatever the DC area, you rip the Redskins or whatever, you know. What? I mean, it's easy. I've done this myself in Boston. Do you talk about doing that before you do it or do you just do it? Does it come naturally? Like is it just just comes off the Pence great quash off? Because if it's this raw, this is a lot of a lot of the promo work is written. So either one of the riders came up with it or allies himself came up with it. Okay. So that's that's all done beforehand. That's kind of a thing that ninety five percent of what you hear from the in ring wrestlers on the microphone is quote, unquote, air quotes scripted. All right. Had live a little bit. But okay. All right. So the promo work is not. Okay. Let me and where the announcing work is not scripted. What about like the rock? The rock was great on the Mike scope on these five minutes in was that all written most of it was written. He wrote it with a guy. Right, right. Wrong. Getting brian. Good works. Okay. Who's to the biggest met fan about bio quick story on him? He's a Long Island guy. Long Island loves the Mets too so much that when shea got knocked down. He bought a chocolate a wall. He lives here in Manhattan. He listens. Also, sometimes I don't know if he's listening, but and he has it ends apartment in his apartment. Bill wall from Shane. So Bryan and rock would write together a collective, so they'd come together. They write it. Got the promo. That's awesome rock now. Rock also is awesome. Living to go off script a lot right Elias. I think this this seemed a little bit more written written. But his delivery was phenomenal was fantastic at work. Now, if you're doing non televised show, like if it's not raw smackdown, and you're on a live event or how show as we call it that happened to me. We were in Boston on Friday night doing a non televised show years ago when I was in wwl's how show what it's really called a live event. Either way. And the his no TV cameras there and Nomar Garciaparra. Great Red Sox just happened to be there. Yeah. He was what I don't know who he was what friends or whatever he was sitting in the front row. Now, we got word backstage that he was there. He was gonna come back at emission to get some autographs and takes a pitches. So like, so they let us know copy lets us know. Yeah. So I knew I was the first match so and I had to get on a Mike, and I'm Mr. New York and I'm in Boston. So I tell you know, one of my bosses back. I'm gonna go right at him. Who's interesting to talk to them. I don't know. I'm not gonna beat them up. So you just don't go don't get the ring. Just stay in a ring. And don't don't go over to us. The without naming the Boston is a guy named Jack Lanza attached. Just don't get in his face. Don't get nuts. Just get on verbally. Yeah. And you just don't curse please stop right because it's non TV. So sometimes you would curse. Okay. Then. All right. So I start ripping the Red Sox and act like while. I'm there like I'm the biggest Yankee fan. What year was a met fan? It was all one. Okay. Maybe. And I am just ripping the Red Sox. And I'm like gos-, you're not now and the builders Shah. No, okay, ignore right. And I goes this Gibran sitting right over here. Who is this who, you know? Me. Goal. I'm talking about Derek jeeter. He's the best middle infielder in the game. He's the best the best baseball. Bob. I'm going on around about geeder. Like like me Geeta, boys. I live with no Geeta. And I'm telling you man, it was insane. This is the first segment of the show. So. Garcia power played a long time with he came backstage. We shook hands holiday, and we will. Does over. Did you do when it like when you're leaving the ring? I flipped them off. Did. Really? So. Off. Yeah. But in in in anger, I was I guess I'd say something I'm walking out. The guy wasn't on Mike and what the psychology behind. It is the guy. I was wrestling hardcore Holly, Bob, Holly. And he was a good guy. And the thing was while. I'm doing that on the Mike before Bob Holly comes through the curtain. He loves it. What I'm doing? I'm making this job easy. Yeah. I'm making people hate my guts, and he's going to be the conquering hero costs. So we want to see him destroy me. Right. So he comes in he wins. Everyone's celebrating. Ripping by Bennie, his high fiber. Orion. They're having a. That's not written. That's just sad. That's all. Not right at you know, just went off, and how long did you go on the ring kidding? Imagine it was maybe forty five seconds to admit that was let's great enough to get that amount of yet to get a little feel now. Like, I said, I didn't reinvent the wheel the many guys before you did that with sports. Ric flair a great nature. Boy, he's doing all time back in day when he was a he'll when he was a bad guy. Yeah. So many guys are great. And when I watch wrestling over the years you've seen it whether it be an actor and actress a comedian or say, a boxer whatever it might be where you see they'll grab or they'll say something. And then they'll when especially I mean, I haven't been to a house showing awhile. But when it's on TV and then the cameras right in the face of the person on the reaction, then the cameras out there by accident point. So yeah. So it's like. So what would allies did their on raw? Now, this the thing. I got to tell you the past couple of years. Great novel the past couple years on what you see this more. What the low hanging fruit of attacking sports teams. I gotta tell you my time and WWE working on Ron smackdown. TV shoots and stuff. That was never allowed this McMahon. Did not was that was too easy again, cheap e low hanging fruit. He wanted you to be clear. I don't know. Past couple of years. They've been doing it more. Well, let me rephrase that maybe I do know now that I'm thinking about maybe it's because they for a long time. They really wanna be the WWE wants to be clumped into mainstream sports 'cause a lot of of sports verticals online, a website sex, CBS sports, ESPN come a lot more mainstream. Correct. And it's all under under like, the relationship dated with ESPN help do that combat sports MMA WWE that kind of thing. So I maybe that's prop. Don't we Vince with thinking this team? That's probably why he's going more for a low hanging fruit on walks together. Because you maybe you get an ESPN or CBS sports or NBC to pick up Elias Rippin Seattle and their basketball team. Interesting. I mean, that's the fascinating aspect you. When you go behind it and figure out exactly when it happens. What happens the reason it happens the writing behind it? I mean, those stories are are invaluable. They really are. And that experience yet certainly with Garciaparra that's off the charts. And they get it. They understand it. No more. I'm sure that night. Understood it, and it was gonna play a absolute play a role. He though. Yeah. No. But he I started riffing good. It's all fun and these try and everybody's pointing. Great. Right now. We know why you hate me. Hate me. Audio that we played of Elias. That's. USA network in WB, Abu Dhabi and WB network. That was on raw data. So that's a great story. Has. You would know bar seventeen years ago. I would say you year. I remember wrestling events. I imagine no more. I know he's been told. Yeah. And he was a fan. He's been to allow. That's a great moment. It was funny. Eight five five four two two seven. We got the three company your way next cabraha Jordan's gonna join us saints defensive end top of the hours well about twenty minutes from now or guitar a little baseball, David Sampson. Former Marlins executive will join us at.

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