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Today. And if you had Alexa, Google home, just say toyed WFAN, and you'll be locked into the fans so Sunday shapes up to be pretty interesting sports day around here, you have been York Mets looking to avoid the sweep and it will be GIO Gonzalez on amount. Many met fans wanted GIO Gonzalez to be a part of their rotation. My voice, oh, I have to watch Jason Vargas every fifth day. And with the top guys not performing today capabilities. Even more of an aide for not starting pitcher. It will be Gonzales against Stephen. That's that's at one o'clock. You have the Yankees trying to sweep the San Francisco Giants with hormone amount. And then you have the islanders who it felt like had game on within their grasp. It looked like the island is we're going to get. Call that was going to go their way didn't happen standing at the goal tender interference which wipes off what would have been the island is goal that would've been game. One a much happier. One for them. Instead, you get overtime session in which they lose. The island is we're going to get hit in the mouth. The island is debt the shaft with that. Call absolutely would the islanders with certainty would they have won a game. You never know. You can't play the what if game in hockey very very tough to do in a one nothing game morning game. That's nothing. Nothing to say. Well, this would happen. That would happen. If the Vegas game where it's three mountain with fifteen minutes left to play and you feel like it. So that's one of those days, we say if that call is not me, there's no way in the world Vegas loses. And I do believe that this game. I can't necessarily say that game could open up pump bounces differ way. That said the island is lost. Again. These could have won. They were not going to go through this postseason on the feed it. They would always game to now going to learn about this team. They lost a playoff game try to void all to going back to Carolina. Can they put together three periods? Can they score? I can get that crowd into the game right out of shoot. It's not going to be the same home-ice advantage. Barclays compared to what you get in Nassau Coliseum. It's not. Push comes to shove gotta take the island is find a way to win game till Kansas City island is losing the first two game series. And then there are say funny way to win this series. That'd be asking a lot Scottsdale. Arizona Jeff next out of Fallas out. Jeff. JJ? How's it going, brother? Jeff. What's avenue, dude? What's shakin? What he got? Wanting out the hatred of the rockets as a self shaming Suns fan. I also hate them. But he left out Robert ory. So. Moving ahead to the city Yankees. It's I wanna talk about the potential problem in logjam that could be and I know you don't wanna look ahead too much. But I get a lotta Scott Brocha out of GO or shallow and the great defense he provides, and you know, a perceived weakness at the beginning of the year is now a positive with his defense guys making plays all over the field. And with Andrew hard having hair and the only way repair a terrorist to have surgery. Do you think the Yankees at all should be pushing him in the direction of surgery? With eighty coming back with omega plan the way, he is with having Torres but bird coming back if he expendable can we push them that way. No, I don't see it that way. Jeff. He's good hater. I mean, you go back to last year ago. And do our was your second at their invested day after day. And look I agree on the surface that GIO or Shoah has done playing time on this team GR shell as should be part of this Yankee team, I cannot let go a two or three weeks sample size influence and determine what I'm going to do what Miguel and do harm and forget about Greg bird. Greg birds got to fight his way back to the big leagues. Just still waiting on Stanton. You're still waiting on air and headaches. And in the meantime, Jeff, I think you have a very simple answer. And you have a very simple solution and do more if he is physically able to point their basis you at their base been that said you got a guy like her show who could slot. In and play one or two days a week. You get them one or two days a week. You utilize him in that regard. Scott Brosius is probably a bit of a joke. That's a bit of a reach. I can't see him as team Scott Brosius. Quite yet. I do think the have found something though. And at the very least, Jeff I want him to be a part of the fabric and his team the rest of the year. All right. I appreciate that. Thanks JJ. Jeff pre the call. I've wonderful night. Look I like her show. I think the have found something I just take it as a major strategy major h to say, well, this is why we'll tell mcgillion and do heart rate and rank and rig some more. And we know we all need it their base. That's like the overreaction kicking. It. That's always too much very. If or Shilla should cost anybody playing. The guy. I would look at is the guy was coming back off injury. Who was supposed to be the stopgap any absence of data Gorey's that being tried to whiskey which your shell a performing and with the Tories and to your point you have the honest if indoors coming back what kind of purpose destroyed whiskey serve on state. Manhattan. Eddie up next up any. Hey, jay. I'm doing right now. What's good, bro on the? Wow, man. Yeah. Man. What I want to about the message of pitching before before. I get to that up to go aggo, man. I just love believable. Surging. It really is incredible kind of this put up, man. But and then also on the Mets Peter Lonzo Mana mean, what do you think mean talk because I've talked to you about him. Right. Listen. He's the real deal. I mean, no one's buzz. You watch swing the bat. The ball jump self is bad. He has immense power. He's hitting the top of meadow order. I think he's going to have a Mazda here. I wanna be a key cog in your wind of now for years to come. But isn't it amazing? Ed, these great first month that of Alonzo you great first month that Jeff mcdill Conforto has done a very good job. And yet egg the Mets lose Sunday to the Milwaukee Brewers. They're came onto the five hundred Mark. Yeah. Man. No, the pitching hasn't been good. And that's what I want to get to the pitching. I'm not worried about the I'm not gonna create about the klom thought. I don't think it should be pitching in this kind of weather night. But that's okay. I think he's going to straighten himself, but I'm kindergarten, man. I'm telling you man, this whole four per on hold bobblehead game with window, man. We're done without ready. And that was a couple years ago. You know, the whole dock night. Okay. Fine. You know, what it's time to just put that Michelle and how to pitch this guy. Got anyone in baseball. He tows hard. He ninety five miles outside of you know, what he's out pitch because we need him. And and that's another guy. You know, what I was okay? With bringing him back. Jimmy, the eighth inning guy. Guys got up, man. He crazy you can figure it out. But you know, he was also tonight the Mets came back. He got into game and here right back to them. You know, it's early. I'm not gonna crazy. But but those two guys are key the myth a really serious contending than the garden familiar. They gotta straighten. No question about it in great great point. And if you listen to started his show. We really gave it to know. Syndergaard. I've been very. God because he's been talking to big game has an opinion on everything. And my mindset has always been you gotta go out there every fifth day and back it up, and you know, what? Ed, if you will get the way he's performed over the first month of this year. He has not backed up. He hasn't done the job. And he's very hateful. I mean, that's the best way to describe it. He's going deepen accounts. He's not putting guys away. He's got no feel for his slider. And we've seen the Milwaukee Brewers the Saint Louis cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies all give it to a guy who is supposed to have this on Hannibal stuff and you'll ride so for this year, he has not come close to living up to that door billing that door mentality and Ed over the last three years his what you could say about Noah Syndergaard injuries. And now underperformance have gotten the way of him living up to being one of the best pitchers in baseball. All and you know, what that was the sort of standard. I don't we were gonna hold no cigar to. Everything you say is essential. But you know, what? I mean, I gotta believe that you know, one day. Dave, I, you know, they gotta figure this out, man. But this this stuff. Talk about a couple of the game. You don't you think that you know, he gets too cute. Maybe you know, what? I mean, you know, Syndergaard. He's I mean, he's overwhelming stuff, and he's got to be able to figure it out. We can put these guys away. Man, it just unbelievable many taking too long, and he's got this forget about all this other stuff, man. It's one, but you know, getting into way, I think the whole of the whole thing. Can't forget about that. Dude. You gotta go out. And you gotta be what man you got to be a to be a good team, and Eddie, you gotta have a wonderful. The best thing Noah Syndergaard can do. Stay quiet stales Twitter. Stale -fensive go out and pitch. We discover your motel because he will shook do you watch him pitch on Saturday night. To not have a feel for a slider to not be able to put a hitter away. It's one thing when Christian yelich taking date. It's another one Ben gamble is taking date. Give me what pitch and concern about more synagogue, or it's not close. It's Noah Syndergaard. Let's say to Manhattan Joe joins us seize up next on the fan. What's up gel? J and J music factory. L all your brother. Oh, yeah. Oh, all is. Good. Joe is good. What's happening? Listen, my brother. I I wanna talk to but two seconds about Syracuse. I did not realize maybe you did. While you were there. What a civil war hero town that it was you aware old. Honestly was not showing a child that good history. I'll let me some good history. I know idea it was a big time civil war down. You. Learn something new every day. The the the circus minute men was sent out there on behalf of the north is monuments everywhere and Syracuse has happened in these days. I hadn't been up there in twenty years. I went up, and it's funny. Give you and bring that up really a lot of great history up there and sewn with but let me let me quickly just specially couple of points. The first being the the NBA. It's funny to listen all the goals of the NBA because in my opinion, the of the super team and LeBron James is just ruined. The NBA starting ten fifteen years ago. To listen to the show and listen to call the NBA you're waiting for the finals to well. Aloun the matter what season to season, and I guess that's a quarter resports or quarter, midget sports. But it's just a it's tough to listen to. I don't know if you agree with that stuff jailed, the idea that this no parent in the NBA hurts the sport. But when you're watching the best of the best compete Bron James Steph curry, Kevin Durant, James Horne.

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