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I am glad I did so saucer. So Jamie Evans wife ordered the, she ordered the strong the, you know, the strawberry oriented goes chocolate and strawberry together, and I was like yet, that's one of the most basic deserting ever totting. He thought it was a weird thing now. That's a weird thing. Very normal, conventional chocolate chips. Strawberries, it's like a classic dessert. Agreed. Yeah. But yeah, let's get into our final thoughts. Johnny rockets so on the show before, but just a refresher, we will go around. We'll each sort of give our closing argument on this chain and then give it a rating from one defy forks or zero to five for folks. Say one can be as low as euro. If you wanna go utensils as your guest will begin with you. Okay. I thought the food was good. Some of it was cold. Just indicates like bad service, bad quality control, which is a bit of a bummer. But I like the burger. I loved love the onion rings. Obviously, I think if you wanna milkshake, they have the best milk shakes out there. I still haven't found any that are better. But all that said nothing is that over like the entree, the burger is not overwhelmingly good enough that I would not choose to go there without a theme for me. This is an experience and I'm going to go there if I can listen to fifties music and have a really nice waitress or waiter, and just like had that little experience for whatever reason, the nostalgia, the novelty of it. That's what I'm going there for. And if that is stripped away, I have absolutely no reason to go to this restaurant. I autumn. It will just get a burger somewhere that's a little better where you know, I mean, that's I don't know where I'd get onion rings like that, but I'm sure I can find them like a high quality spot somewhere else. So I think all that said I would give it. Onion rings because of the onion rings and the quality of the milkshakes. I would say three folks, three forks. It's a solid score. But yeah, you wanted higher neck. No, it's a solid score, but I think just just as she said, it would have been higher with faming. Johnny rockets. Another funny like. It's just a funny chain. Yeah, like the fifties diner is is, is, is of it can be a fun time. The fifties music is great. That's now gone. What does the future this isn't a burger place? Are they just trying to be like five guys, right? Anything that's just straight up burgers and shakes. There's always room for that. If you have really great shakes, he got really good burgers. You can. You can survive. You know what I mean? Yeah. Are the burgers that good? The answer is no. Are they? I'm saying, are they good enough? Like we were hard on five guys. Five guys is better than Johnny rockets burger burger wise. Yeah, I think five guys burgers hard on five guys. I mean on the tournament of champions, we were, they got pretty far did whatever shut up, didn't we give it the heart, the heart of the champion award. We went harder at all. All right. Shut up for God says Cinderella story of the first tournament. Just let me say my fake. All right. My fake Jews. Anyways, Pete where people were mad at us for how we treat it. For how we how we treat it five guys. Yeah, I think maybe original view episode. We were not as charitable, but when we were visited, we're like five, five guys deserve more credit, Johnny rockets burger.

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