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Your dreams will come true something greater will and if you ask can understand that that i'm doing my job as a father thank you guys so much i love you no the classic kuby brian mic drop of course i i like that wisdom from kobe bryant it's not the destination it's the journey that is the dream so wise words for his daughters who were there anti his wife had a daughter another daughter not that long ago at some time in the last year and a half since he's retired bianca jagger yes and vanessa was there as well so really great picture on our facebook page of the to jersey's uh i don't know if this is the case that there's ever been one guy who spent his entire career with one franchise who had to jersey's retired leave it to call he right to do something that has never been done before but that's odd as well yeah there will never be another kobe bryant who are two days icon once the guys who are maybe toward the end of their careers these could be more obvious i mean lebron james tom brady my friend jerry just sent me a text drew brees i agree he's he's got that megawatt personality everybody wants to be around him peyton manning for sure just retired i mean every time he shows up now there are people around him who who want to talk to him and so you have some guys we're toward the end of their careers like a roger federer that's a great one maybe even a tiger woods ming i think that was a little more controversial that's certainly what he did for the game of golf and the fact that everyone wanted to see him play golf or to play golf with him for a time some of that is dimmed a bit but he's still a major draw any certainly transcends the game of golf even now after all these years of struggling both personally and physically but who are the future icon that you can think of that that was a little more challenging but we can dream to be sure a radio to there are due tuesday question when it came to kobe bryant he was in fact laughing at you order facebook page to and then eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five.

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