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Truecar truecar drew car truecar ms rpm my son's buying a car through truecar matt's helping them out he might easy by car you i mean no i just told him to call matt's truecar sure enough you might know what it stands for people what does it really mean same goes for invoice list price dealer price that's why my son to truecar because i that now we've got true price from truecar know exactly what you will pay including the fees in excess is before you get into the dealership and you'll know the truecar prices a great price because card shows you what other people pay it's you know for the very car you want so you know you're getting a fair price and when you lock that fair price in it's a price for an actual vehicle on truecar certified dealers lot certified dealers set their prices competitively so they can win your business guys fight with each other for your business so when you're ready to buy new or used just visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buy experience again truecar dot com truecar where you'll find competitive pricing true price some features not available in all states so it's funny as you were talking about the white house i'd written down something myself which i'll bring it to you i was in austin last week i was doing for the tech stuff i was there with the driverless cars to thing any were there any drones i want to drive i wanna fly a drone man i tired these roads sock in this town is town is breaking down i want to go over it yeah i spoke to someone from the mayor's office what's the mayor doing is like he's kinda kinda out working on his campaign you told me.

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