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Today. You're court says a former apprentice contestant defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump can proceed while he's president AP. Correspondent Warren Levinson reports. The appeals court judges ruled former apprentice contestant summers nervosa does not have to wait for Donald Trump's presidency to end to sue him for defamation. The panel cited the US supreme court ruling that found Bill Clinton could be sued for alleged sex harassment that took place before he was president in the Trump case. The judges said the constitution does not deprive a state court of its authority to decide cases and controversies under its laws service was among more than a dozen women who came forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct. She sued when he denounced all of them as liars, she said his declaration had hurt her reputation and business. Warren levinson. New York NBC is shaking up late night TV giving Carson Daley slapped to a woman of color, who's a star on YouTube. The network said thir-. Thursday that a new show titled a little late with Louis C will make its debut in September. We'll be the only woman to host a daily late night show on a major broadcast network. NBC says her half hour program will include in studio interviews and taped comedy sketches sinkholes calls the prospect of big idiot Canadian woman with her own late late show, quote, a dream come true. Her acting credits include HBO's movie Fahrenheit, four fifty one and bad mobs as for daily he said last month, he decided to end his last call show to focus on new and continuing projects, including is host and producer of ABC's. The voice. Facebook is going after revenge porn launching new artificial intelligence technology. Toy by intimate pictures, posted without consent of the subject those pictures identified by the will be sent for review. Currently Facebook users have to report such photos before the company's moderators will review them at least forty two states have passed laws. Criminalizing revenge porn, many of the past five years, Facebook and other social media companies have struggled to moderate all the material users upload to their sites faced criticism for acting too slowly or allowing offensive post Tuesday up too long. New Zealand massacre. I'm Tim Maguire with the AP news minute forty nine people are known dead more than thirty others remain hospitalized. After a gunman opened fire on worshippers in two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand Christchurch hospital surgery chief, Dr Gary Greg Robinson, says the wounded included the young and the old days injured ranged in ages from the very young to quite elderly patients. Eleven of those shot are in critical condition. The suspect at twenty eight year old self proclaimed white supremacists from Australia livestream, the shooting on Facebook and other sites. You also posted a rambling seventy four page manifesto declaring attacks to avenge attacks in Europe by Muslims. New Zealand Prime Minister Justin to ardent reader. Of racism division, extremism has no place not only in New Zealand, but I would sign a society as a whole New Zealand's police Commissioner says the investigators have found nothing to contradict shootings were carried out by the same person more news right after this. I'm ready to make my credits count. I'm ready to take classes.

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