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Actually knows where they all land trash alberton early speaking of all that we are going to. This is the time where we do a plug in other words. Anything with doing anything. We'll we'll about anything that's been going on on the socials or anything else. Who mentioned now. Now one thing that's been spanking new to both of us. We're entering a whole new world. Speaking of things we got we have. We have literally we have bitten. The bullet we have finally got it and jumped into. We're on tiktok. We too old for this shit. Probably donald glover covid. Not even if we are going to go for it. Utilize it because people using it seems like a good platform to reach people. So let's let's just try yeah Yeah yeah so. We both went on. I mean i- tiktok account for a while but never used and reason why. I've never used it because i for the first day going. I need to know all the kids are doing so. I sat down and watched it. I watched a couple of videos few minutes. This is so offered me. I don't get any of these videos at all. These jokes and the thing is is well as least kind of like with the algorithms. They don't know what you like. So it's when you go on and you've used the of is just showing you the worst of you. Hey like the popular kids have made this. This is why thanks to of our education in surviving edge. Weapons we should. We have to go into tiktok with a machete and start cutting weeds so we get the stuff we won't we're gonna be using tech talks a little bit differently we're gonna be using it to promote are sort of like stuff on my one which is johann trash tapes. You should be able to just follow me on that. And you'll get sort of exclusively little tidbits of stuff for the trash tapes. And i assume on your one which is harvey retro. Yours is going to be based on the on. The impact just released a review of body snatches from nineteen ninety-three like it's an underrated really rated version of body. Snatches and i did a little clip on tiktok and on instagram. just sharing They'll bits from that review and Yes i definitely gonna use it to promote the ending massive content on the main channel. Also i'm just going to go with it and just put old kinda random stuff on there. Because it's it's a weird time at the moment you can shy. Shed video of me. Miming to slayer on instagram. Real gone over three thousand views instantly coming to like a song that you like could really reach people so just go with it sometimes. But that's what tiktok was originally for tiktok originally just for. Hey my video. Joe sayegh to video or great original tiktok was a now devolved into this but yeah yes yeah we might as well both explode. A strange new weld dies. Tiktok as long as although i do tell you something. Tell me to stop if suddenly. I'm falling into some kind of dance case. I'm certainly doing at dad's craze. Would you to be say boy. But sending either one of us should like make video saying now this is tiktok and share that robot from a return to us and just some kind of look. I wouldn't be surprised. is terrified. Terrified grow by the way people my god but yeah yes so. That's what we've been doing realistically obviously the usual stuff that we do but are mentioned tiktok as the newest thing at the minutes of bindis is on that join in and get some exclusive content yet and we got right so there is the end. That's the end of the episode. We have covered for weapons. Yes thank you so much for joining us on my little epic adventure now to tease. What we're gonna do mex- episode. Let's just say that it is wrestlemainia season. Yes coders wrestlemainia season. We kind of need to cover a wrestling movie. Yeah so i'm not which one it is so you need. You need a tune in to find out but let's just say the hoechst is back where ready to go. So the german get get get ninety zero pipe and smoking jacket so so until next time keeping on your trash muggy. Some treasuring that.

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