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A lot longer wolf speaking which is your popular type My scrap memories of dark shadows which is now out of print but second to that would be the dark shatters almanac and The duck shadows movie book. Those are the three top books you say. There's a new one coming out he asked. We're going to be doing millennium book. that won't be out until next summer but Similar books are close to being out of print the ducks almanac certainly is close. And the duck companion. How did you. How were you able to contact like david. Selby did some of the forwards and things like that. These people all the time. And i help. David quit his book together. He worked in my office with my designer. I help laura get her steph going so I see these people all the time. Yeah i mean. I mean i. It's been so long anything that stands out by as a memory. Fear strongest memory. Dr chattan o. You know. I think it was one of my strongest memories was the very first time i saw jonathan bread. Come on the set but that cape and the cane and the ring. And i thought oh my god. We're going to be doing a vampire bill so so that was That that really stood out of my mind would going to be captured by dark shadows. It doesn't really matter when it comes along in their life. That was a unique show that you're certain people responded to very strongly and It's almost as though they found their show and i it's unique. We've never been a television show like it. They never been able to repeat it so continues to have a very faithful following amazingly faithful group of fans. I just. I have a hard time believing that i'm definitely enjoying it. I mean there was just nothing like it. I was very lucky to catch it when he was actually i on the air. I mean to come home day and see what was going to happen now. Now it's not the same but then it was like all new. That was an excitement that I you know that. I'm glad i had a chance to share an experience for the first time because there was really nothing like that. Not not in that kind of foreign before and that's really what made it special. Also it was unique age. It was there was a birth of idealism and a sense that All you need is love for instance. The kids have all the answers. Turn on drought and just embrace life and dark. Shadows had that same naive quality. It required a suspension of disbelief and it took until world of magic which was not new because the stories are based on the classics. A lot of the classics were written in the dark shadows with dark. Shadows characters current. Screw jane eyre. Dr jekyll and mr hyde picture of dorian gray jack frankenstein. Where will all of these stories were told. Originally buy gothic classic gothic writers robert louis stevenson henry james even shakespeare and they were deeply moral stories about universal themes jealousy and not just witchcraft and horror but also deeper themes of love rejection and infidelity and desperate need and longing. And because of this i think kids adolescents. Who were in there The throws of their difficult difficult time in their life a lot of them very lonely. They responded bored housewives. The whole idea of being by vampire thrilling to them and it wasn't it took them into the realm of the imagination. And i mean that combined with the fact that we never stop tape so a lot. Little bloopers went on the air and we tried to do a lot of special effects at a time when special effects were very new. You know we had an ice machine fog machine behind the sets and styrofoam gravestones superimposed cameras. To make you appear and disappear in a room and we just delighted in all of this so we were talking academy scott and same thing as a lot of great period costumes. How did the role evangeline come about for you. And did you really realize what you were getting into until you were into it. Didn't addition. they was my first professional job. I just got into new york. I don't university theater a lot of summer stock. A lot of plays by period writers restoration comedy shakespeare greek theater so i tend a lot of training period part. I was living on a farm and wisconsin. And i had two small boys one of them in school and doing summer stock and a director came out from new york and directed me in play and wonderful town play about new york and he enjoyed working with me so much that he wrote me that winner and said would you like to be my leading lady in a stock company in connecticut and pennsylvania maybe lock haven pennsylvania and so i said sure in fact i gave up a trip to europe because i wanted so desperately to be an actress but has was going to happen living in a farm in wisconsin. I came and i did the whole summer. Seven leads in seven weeks. Annotated that i was so gifted so marvelously talented i would just have to go to new york and try. My luck found an agent. And i went on to auditions and got them. Both and one was dark. Shadows auditioned to jonathan fred. I had no idea the part was that of a witch. I thought it was just made had been rejected by gentleman. So i did the dishes and he said at the end putting us both on film at the end you know you're a witch thing part of a witch which point i turned to the cameras stared into the lens with the most evil expression. I can evil is i think that's when i got the part because i had these great big huge. That's one of the things that you were able to do way of staring at the camera that you know. I think that's what i got. My first professional job is the first time i made any money as an actress and i was absolute. Heaven can't imagine. And i couldn't believe my lock. And i always thought that this is the first stage that i wouldn't go on to hollywood. The big star so this was just the beginning and i never realized that this would be in spite of all of the parts i played and all of the films and tv shows. I did that. This would be the one that actually i was known for and that that endured those things and here we are still finding people who love the show for the first time or seeing it for the third or the fourth time and to them. It's they haven't affection. As i said i feel a loyalty that it's continues to surprise me. I'm very grateful that i had this wonderful.

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