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We live in society of day. Where most? Of the young people. Are raised in a single parent House Fausto. My nine years at USC. I only coach two black players. Who came from a dual parent house saw. So? Diverse issue. Is. The, parent? And when we say is usually going to. The mother, because like judicial system, the court use the. Award child to the mother. And so does with mothers are true so-called American heroes. They were two and three jobs. Most parents will do things for their children. They would never do for themselves, and so it's essentially enormous challenge now. Can raise the child. And they that you just have to try as hard as you can should provide. the best for your children, and and teach them a sustainable value system of right and wrong. perseverance. I don't know I mean I. Don't know if I'm equipped to say because I trying to raise myself. What are your your hopes? For what could come of this turbulent time? These turbulent times I should say certainly that are really. Sort of exhibiting and showing US ruptures that have existed for a long time. What what are some of your hopes for what can come out of this? And what are some of your fears of what might come out of this if you have any? My Hope. Is that. We will be who we say we are. All of us that. We are the United States of America, then we. Can Start? To limit. And and not continue to live alive. That is my hope. as we, we proceed that. As I said earlier in the conversation. We're the problem and where to she and. We are the problem and we are the solution. WE'LL! George I wanna be respectful of your time. We've covered a lot I'm not in any rush. I can continue to go as long as you would like to go, but is. Is there anything else you would like to to say or Share at this point we. Touched a lot of the sensitive nerves and that when we conclude I would just like to include the the same way we started, but it maybe you. There's some things that that you. marriage some discussion. I'm open to it. I think we've covered a lot of ground I. Think we've both and by we I. Mean You you have offered. Some some direction, a lot of recommendation. You've offered resources like. Tell me who you are of. Course will link to all of these things. You mentioned Robert Greenleaf and leadership. As far as resources go many different. Takeaways that people can I think apply or at the very least think about?.

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