Israel, Special Counsel, Donald Trump discussed on This Weekend with Gordon Deal


Received a report of a special counsel's Russian bluefin pro it's now up to the attorney general to decide how much of the report to hand over to congress. When Senate Democrats tried to pass a resolution calling for the entire report to be made public Republican Lindsey Graham asks for an amendment to allow a special counsel to investigate alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton campaign into publicly released the results that these those investigations have been but the went nowhere fast with minority leader Chuck Schumer preserving the right to object who also warned we're going to be back here asking for consent again when the Senate is back in session on Monday of next week, Bob Agnew reporting. Geopolitical analyst Brandon Weicker of the American spectator, tail Salem radio news, Democrats are not giving up on trying to find more fall to the Muller reports. I would not expect anyone on the left to come out and say, yeah, we got this wrong. I it was never about being right or wrong. It was about damaging Donald Trump and de-legitimizing his presidency and weakening his ability to govern and setting up. The Democrats for having a real chance at winning the presidency in two thousand twenty President Trump is proposing major US policy change in the middle. East was president says it's time to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights writing on Twitter. He says after fifty two years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel's control over what he says is an area of critical strategic insecurity importance to Israel and stability in the region, the Golan Heights as a disputed area, which Israel captured from Syria in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and prime minister Netanyahu has been urging the US to recognize Israel's claim to sovereignty. Greg Clugston, the White House then stormed into a government building in the Somalia capital following a suicide car-bombing at the gate Saturday in lettuce attacked by his law extremist fighters in the.

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