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Six six five zero five four six two six with our guest, David Theroux, founder president a chief executive officer of the independent institute and the eighteen to twenty one year old's the youngest of the of the young voters that is the group which has consistently election election out not voted. They they vote, but the the least of any any age group in the country for reasons that I've never understood I remember casting my first ballot. And I felt a a sense of empowerment tend to when I got my driver's license, which of course, is another area in which many young people cannot identify with with me in that regard. But it's unfortunate because this is the method by which people have an option of this country. And if you don't use that that at franchise if you exercise your franchise, we have trouble, but nobody likes the flabby franchise. Yeah. I think I think that's true. I do think that this reflects the the cynicism and powerless nature of their outlook now, but they make themselves powerless. I know you don't you? Don't get involved. You learn the issues you don't register to vote vote. Well, whose fault is it that you're powerless? I know part of it also is the fact that they don't they don't have civic education. They don't have accurate education American history. They don't understand the world they live where does that go. Because we're failure of the of the school system, and that's one, you know, that's another whole issue of the case registration choice and so forth, which I think is is definitely in the ascendant. But it is a reality. And so that's why we were focusing on the hook for them being the questions they were asking, and the fact that they were not willing to trust the usual suspects site guy, so to speak and the so the commanding heights culture, they no longer trusted the political elites, which is sort of catching up with the rest of the country. But in their case, especially now millennials have left college and are starting careers and families, and so they. Have to buckle down and figure out. How are they going to get through all this? So there look, there's, you know, they're even more interested in answers and practical way to get through this. So that was the the motivation for creating the series imprinting catalyst. And so on. So our our interest is to push this as far as we can. We were talking before about the view that many millennials are supporting socialism. And people like Bernie Sanders talk about the Nordic countries. And your your reporting are correctly that these countries after quite robust market based economies and to give you an idea of the percentage of of ownership in these countries is about seventy five percent private of the wealth. And if you compare that to say a country, like China, China is just slightly lower than the order country is in and of course, is a very robust economy despite the problems with the government. So the I think the opportunities are enormous and just to give you further idea if you rank the the levels of private wealth. By country. It turns out that Denmark is twelfth Switzerland is for Norway as twenty third Sweden sweetness fifteenth North Korea is at the bottom of one hundred eightieth, but the US is eighteenth. So the so the US is lower than Denmark and Sweden, which is remarkable. When you think about it? We're gonna come back into talk some more with David throw is founder president at chief executive officer of the independent institute the website, independent dot org. Learn more about these series. The love gove and the catalyst one eight six six five zero JIMBO is our number. And we'll be back with more on the Bohannon show in just a moment..

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