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I mean that was I always thought that that always I've thought for a while it would be and you wonder if Tim Sloan didn't step down if all of this would have been in the works. Yeah. Anyway, I don't know. All right. All right. Let's stick with financials. American Express shares up nearly twenty percent and outperforming the rest of the financials this year. But one trader says the rally could come to an end when the company reports earnings tomorrow, Mike goes and San Francisco, but the options action, he Mike. There. Yeah. So the Optus markets implying about a three percent move for American Express. That's about in line with what it is averaged over the past eight quarters, and when I was looking at the options activity at around two thirty an hour and a half before the market closed is already traded about two and a half times, the average daily volume that bumped up to over four times the average daily volume by the time, the market closed, therefore trading quite a lot as the closing bell approached and most of that activity was concentrated in the one eleven and one seven puts that expire tomorrow in the reason for that was that it was actually purchases of the one eleven one seven put spread included a block of a thousand of those at traded for dollar thirteen. So that somebody who's representing a bed of about one percent of the current stock price that the stock is gonna fall possibly as low as one oh seven which would be a decline of a little over four percent after they report tomorrow. All right. Thanks to that, Mike. We are off this Friday, by the way, but options action is back next Friday five thirty PM eastern time up. Next wonder why guide army has been? Wearing this unicorn onc- not just what he wears around the house. We're gonna tell you why right after this. Welcome back to pass on. And we've got some breaking snooze for. Earlier we spoke to see of Castro about its plans to go public. Our own guy did some investigative and undercover work to test out the latest casper mattress. Now, we've been talking about IPO's for the last month that seem and the buzzword is been unicorns. But as it turns out some unicorns come in a box. We're gonna find out if the casper mattress is what dreams are made of or if it's a nightmare in the making. Let's go. So that was incredibly easy delivery setup. All that slept. Is it gets the bed made put my pajamas don't judge, but I'm comfortable. Now. It's time the test this out, let's get some rest. Lights out. You've been kicked out of the room. Right. Right. Relegate it to the my doors tax, though, wasn't it. I mean, isn't that amazing? Vice ridiculous things I've done over the years. That's the most ridiculous by far. But I have my this is when when it's too light out when you get this in. You should go public. The rest of the show. Final trade time. Brian Kelly for me to be defensive in this Dan Suzuki healthcare prophets are slowing its good time known it's cheap. And it's one of the best long-term performing sector is out there. Karen feinerman would he said with a little boy specificity for me? I like I did like it higher anthem calls unicorn guy. Earning I gotta thank the p. I mean. Act staff free Kelly came to the house he brought donuts and bagels the whole thing. A lot of fun win resort smells. Yes. What more? And William happy birthday. Now, big twin happy birthday that doesn't rusty. Becker smart five mad money starts right now. What is there's a smarter way to ride out. Volatility. Smart beta strategies from Franklin Templeton reach for better. All investments involve risks Franklin Templeton distributors, inC..

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