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Video feed. It's the JOE PAGS show. Glad to have you here. Really glad to have this guy back rock and roll legend, the Motor City Madman friend of mine for twenty plus years. It's Ted Nugent Ted. How are you? Doing so good. It's crazy. Jewish. This goofy world all around us God, bless you and meet genuflecting the altar of truth logic and common sense never backed down man. What do you think the goal is Ted? You think the goal is if we say it enough, if we all kneel at baseball and football and Basketball Games, if we all act like Joe Biden doesn't have a cognitive issue, then we'll just believe it is that what it is is just a push them indoctrination. We know it's not true, but they're doing it anyway. Well, we have to be very, very careful because all good Americans living in the asset column because of our work ethic and dedication or sacrificing our risk-taking. You know that man in the arena that never gives up. If you try to follow the Democrat agenda with logic, you'll have a real bad headache because there is no logic. So what you have to do is you have to be honest and really watch what they do really listen to what they say and I don't think there's more in a powerful indicator that when they call a movement. Movement black lives matter when there is no evidence that they believed that black lives matter their website admits that they hate God, they hate family, they hate, America, and they'd their Marxist, that's not a Ted. NUGENT joepags opinion. So when you see an organization dedicated to the overthrow of the greatest quality of life, the history of the world, there's only one thing you need to know. You need to vote God family country and drive.

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