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This is a head gum podcast in one thousand nine hundred three a new face was suddenly everywhere on the silver screen as three films entered theaters starring thomas crews map luther the fourth went by the much sleeker stage name tom cruise the tree will flicks the outsiders all the right moves and most notably risky business which featured a still frequently reference underwear dance number said to bob seger's old time rock and roll catapulted then twenty year old despin into movie stardom his films of sense collectively brought an over three point five billion in box office receipts roughly one hundred million per year for the course of his thirty five year reign as one of the most bankable actors in the world his staying power is testament to his talent and charisma and some would speculate his connections to scientology and it's also a credit to his selectivity in choosing roles as he rarely appears duds though one notable exception was the nineteen eightyeight bartending film cocktail which cruise blade is frequent early career type of young hotshot feuding with a mentor while the film performed acceptably financially it was savaged by critics and remains one of the most pan films of cruises career when that netted him resignation for worst actor and the character cruise portrayed that earned him this indignity flair bartender brian flanagan was reportedly based in part on alan stillman a legend in the new york city restaurant scene who in nineteen sixty five opened the first ever singles bar and then cd times square stillman's mixologist concept named for a colloquialism expresses gratitude of the almighty for the end of the workweek shook up the city's bar scene like a martini shaker pioneering now standard concepts like the velvet rope and ladies night the restaurant success was sustained over the decades though much time square itself it gradually softened its rough edges and evolved into a family friendly chain that's an arguably more generic version of its former self today this once hip hookup spot is present in suburban shopping centers as the multiplexes screening the latest tom cruise blockbuster this week on boys we return to tgi fridays.

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