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At manic depression which is is it real or invented is environmental genetic is it real are you bipolar i i wanna get the calls to their promise one thing i will not sit here and cynically mock you i mean i have suffered depression my whole life and i've overcome it and i sometimes sink back into it but you know what i found out something a lot of it is wallowing in self pity as the character in the soprano said most of us go about wallowing in self pity that's all we do all day long all day long we remember the slights and this and that and he did this to me and she didn't do that to me and my mother did this to me and my uncle did that to me and my teacher did this to me and i didn't get that to me and that to me and she rejected me and all day long wallowing in self pity that's the human condition in america because we're spoiled because we don't have any real needs truthfully in this country look at the obesity epidemic like zu creatures walking around the country i never saw body shapes like this zoo creatures how do people get this fat i don't understand it now i don't think i'm fact bashing here but this is an epidemic in the country and because there's so much food shoveled down people's throats they don't know what to do with their time so this now a manic depression bipolar naga give me twenty five different pills that i have to pay for so that's why i'm saying in a way why i'm not gonna talk about the news even though i will secretly talk about the news because i don't talk about the news the way the people of puppets on murdoch's out let's talk about the news or the way that murdoch puppets in his movies act out like they're tough for their stronger they're smarter they heroic when in fact it just human like the rest of us i'm just a real person i'm america's anchor not america's anchorman so what should i ask you about this almost seven and ten americans have news fatigue more among republicans from pure research overwhelmed by the.

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