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To J. J. watt zoom calls to our desperate needs for hair cuts our goal is getting a lot of traffic which is fun so I'll re tweet it now and I would like you to retweet this well so we can get even more apt description but also and we're not talking about be in sports fans here you don't need to be a sports fan to be thinking about how your hair is is why did you log and how it might be awhile until you can get a hair cut drastic times call for drastic measures so retweet the poll on Twitter a little radio order show Twitter after our CBS were asking you what is your level of desperation when it comes to your hair right now to the point where you're cutting yourself you're leading a family member put scissors to your hair or razor you are brave I don't I mean I don't have any family members available my sister in law said she'll cut it for me if I allow or two but I don't have to worry about making that decision divide I don't live near her at this particular moment will you wear a hat from now on which honestly might be the best thing for me what are the the boss will notice if I wear a hat on our resume conference call coming up in a few hours eight hours to be exact ouch or will you wait for a professional no matter how long how on rule your hair gets will you wait for a professional so it we love it if you'd retweet that Poland share it with your own family and friends especially if you have taken some drastic measures you can also find us on Facebook and a lot of your sharing your story some of you're also sending your photos which okay I appreciate that but I was with no but actually you you could be fighting a stock photo from anywhere you could be sharing someone else's photo from tender Dr and so I don't know if I believe those are by by those but it is kind of funny to see some of the photos to its after hours with Amy Lawrence good morning to you happy Thursday it is the last day of April it's the last day of April I'm saying it just as much for me as I am for you that blows me away this is week number six for us doing the show from the after hours super secret home base and it's now the very last day of April so what's going on in sports still my mom asked me on the phone Wednesday have you run out of things to talk about yet I mean she knows me better than that but she met in sports heck you know there is always something going on usually right now it's the NFL hands anytime there's quarterback news we're all about it because we're obsessed with our quarterbacks we.

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