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If this all goes away more less, for von, this far is from a criminal investigation. Perspective. Where should the Broncos sit with him? I think you evaluate where you think he is on the field. You know, I think there's there's a nostalgia premium that you pay to try to make him a Bronco for life. But I think you I think aside from that, I think you evaluate and having George Payton come in. His general manager gives you a non biased opinion because he's not a Bronco. You mean he is now but You know, he has been around. He's gonna He's gonna look at this from a business perspective. And so I think that you look and you say, OK, dollars to doughnuts. What are we getting on the field? What we get for our for our money on the field last year, von Miller head I can't remember the pressures he had. He had sex sex right this year. Malik Reed had eight sacks. I'm not saying the leak. Reed is better than von Miller. Okay? I don't want anybody to t misunderstand you. Be careful. Cooper's in the other room, and you know how he feels about sack numbers. It's everything you know, But the pressure numbers, everything is bomb was very disruptive. You know he wouldn't get home but the end of the day. You have to look at all those numbers. The pressure's knockdowns that hits you know the sacks all that and you got to say OK, What is that? My past disruption rate with this player. How often is he getting home? How often me and what's my cost per play? And at the end of the day, if if it's Penny's difference between Malik Read and von Miller, it might be time to let von Miller go somewhere else. Don't like that. I want mine to be a Bronco for life. You know that some sometimes some people move on how we got the markets where You know s so I so I think that you have to weigh that. You have to look at it honestly go from there. I think von Miller was better in his six sacks the season than people give him credit for. It's because it was six acts doesn't mean he wasn't productive season he WASI was getting triple teamed. But you know if, if you today you have to do there's a There's a cost benefit analysis that has to be done here. I've got Malick redesign on an undrafted contract at $18 million that it would free up from letting him go. I could eat the four million dead cap of Get 18 free. There's Justine Simons money right there. There's there's Justine Simons and part of Shelby Harris's money right there or there's Justine Simons and Phil Lindsay on a second round tender. You know, however you wanna look at it. However you want to chalk it up. However, you want to do it. That's that money right there, And so you have to weigh not just the cost benefit of von Miller versus Family Creed. But you also have to weigh it. Von Miller versus the money that money spent elsewhere who also want you to spend it on Now, everybody and their mother's gonna come at me with sideways with a quarterback, which you know we've been over that It's stupid, but we'll go over to get if you want. But you have to weigh that against On that defense. What you can keep on are you considering then at that point, either going into free agency or spending a premium draft pick on an edge. I think you look over the draft for an edge. You almost have to write, because if you feel like Malik Reid's already the Vette guy that he is matches, okay, serviceable in the game, But he's not really the guy that you want being put in a pickle. You can start those guys. But then that means hey, look, You know what leverage on Bradley child anyway, when he comes up for a contract, you need leverage on that. Hey, Bradley, You know, this is the number we're willing to spend if not Go to this rookie that we drafted so edge edge could almost be premium. Even any kind of regardless of what's going on with vinyl. Be that Russia the Broncos will take an edge Russian this year. Yes, they will. Um Now, whether or not that you know whether or not they they do that at nine, whatever, but they'll take one. They'll definitely take one, though they'll take a running back taken in Russia at some point this year. Just this doesn't a Zafar. Is your concerned, okay? What's going on with von right now. This won't if it does eventually go away sooner rather than later. Believe it well, and you believe it will. This won't play into in your opinion. The decision on whether that not they keep him. No. I mean, if it were third charges filed, and that's that. That would be different. I expect this to go away. Okay, Okay. I expected no charges to be filed. Okay, Well, then that's it again that you know, we don't do sensation. Sensational radio over here, right? Sensationalist stuff. I don't need to beg for listeners were lucky sweat. We don't have to beg. So we're not gonna spend the rest of show on this. Because this is where we're sitting with it now. I mean again. If you guys want any questions, it is up on the text line. 56690 be happy to answer the best we can Somebody tweeted that certainly were asking us kind of why we hadn't been doing a lot with us And like you said From the beginning, the disclaimer put out there before we even got into this topic. View. This is personal business. And when if charges are brought, that is difference. That is significantly different, but until that day, we're not trying to be evasive. I don't want to be. No, no, no, no, I'm not here carrying water or keeping for anybody any that kind of stuff. I just for me, That's personal. It's none of my business give you the information that I think is pertinent. We'll go from there. And that's what that's the pertinent information is. Is von Miller still going to be a Bronco? Probably. Um, you know, the question is about the team. The team option at this point, not that stuff because we expect the charges to go away. Hey,.

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