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In by the way you're getting fan mail right now during this interview from our good buddy tom duffy the data matt duffy oh yeah you guys are boys right yeah cook around balls together know ugh or curate gap i remember a right when i entered pro ball tom it tom it got me and in one we take around balls of mass the two of us wanted to tell dow park we grew up in the same neighborhood i've never taken ground balls are met i'm only to see him play on the other side of the field and we were playing at the wildcard game than a crawford hit that grand slam guy fire i was in the pirates dugout man to happen yeah oh man it it well it's incredible the connects all roads runs who met duffy long goria you everything they added so listen i'm the guy you have the guitar in in in the in in the clubhouse or at when is you know i don't i don't have in the clubhouse on people left the day even if he's not i trauma primary focus to be a baseball you now my father ivan eightmonthold son that's with me here in scottsdale congrats you know my wife and my son are you know i uh basically grateful to have them in my life and it i learned in two thousand sixteen how much of a commitment music really is a baseball the fulltime commitment and to be able to do both was in saying that i did that in two thousand sixteen so this season a baseball the great opportunities so that i did everything i could this offseason to prepare for this season and i'm putting baseball far above the music also right and play at home just for therapeutic reasons and i'm use my wife and my son yeah but uh the baseball the main thing is here and it will be the rest of my career all right say solicit obviously will be rooting for your great personality would love to have you on in the in the clubhouse in the dugout you play today do you know or uh yeah yeah starting at third base today we're a clean texas okay you can go on august i imagine you're the kinda guy he's going to go gives.

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