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One eight hundred three seven hundred ninety six eight call now you're listening to wrestling observer life with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Simple v on the sports byline broadcasting network versa dangerous style but what about a Bucci this is not a what about issue yes obviously a boo she also works stupid style I could say that about a thousand is but I had to choose one and happened to be Naito doesn't mean he's the only one obviously is the one that I used it's person here it's like pointing out colonel in Kevin Nash separated squad getting into the ring during a six man that's a low risk injury listen I'm not I don't WanNa come on here and just like say just do as many times as they can because they're safe okay I'm not saying that but I bet you if you really look through everybody's injury record there's plenty of guys who have done tons of dives in their careers and they've never suffered an injury doing dives but they suffered Balance Beam but then they triple curb because there's like this thing where when you know you're doing something high risk like you really concentrate whereas when you're doing something that doesn't feel higher risk like sometimes you kind of get lazy and go through the motions and I think there might be part of that is to the at least wrestling observer live where the rubber always meets the road actually I'm not even sure what that means radio network at heart news.

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