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You're going to need to be here in like three weeks and that's nausea quality. Incident, and then since then we've finished filming. I was off the show for like three weeks. And then what Straits Paradise Mehanna, so it's kind of like Roland since then. You disagree minded me that today's the six year anniversary that I got the phone call from casting that they were interested in talking to me. It was on April Fools Day and I submitted my application nine months earlier. Hilarious, that's so crazy. Wow, that's out that this is. Really Weird Day 'cause like this is like kind of like the day that it symbolizes everything changed. Exactly? Yeah, inside it was. It crazy for me. I remember getting out of the shower and looking at my cousin, and then just being like holy like. And then the awhile. Engaged the craziest combating the craziest one was the night, the first episode of Paradise Era that was like the the wildest moment for me. We can talk about later, but. It's. It's good to get to that point so I'm going to pause you there we now know the the high level details of what brought you and Hannah to be who we are who we know today Dylan a couple things. I WanNa just clarify with you is is what is the status of kind of everything with work with family now Can you just kind of catch us up for our listeners who maybe don't know you well, and who want to kind of get full details of everything you spoke about. Can you share with us? Yeah out so. I. Started the company with my cousin a little over two years ago now, so this high went back to what I was doing after the show, nothing really changed. Me Is kind of just a normal life. She's still doing that fulltime. We've got were growing pretty quickly. We've got like five full time people now. She's exciting for us My family's doing well. My brother move down. We hired him actually so he works for us to. He's down here in. SAN, Diego by MOM's thinking about selling your house moving to San Diego. So it's been good. It's been a blast and yeah I I nothing but positive things to say about the entire experience. Now all of you are in San. Diego you are an entrepreneur. You're businesses thriving. I don't want to miss it. Dylan in. So where can people find? Your Business.

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