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Impressed with all the donations we've had through these nineteen years people who have opened up their hearts and their wallets for so many different reasons that you don't know why this speaks to someone but I can tell you that if you ever saw this place you'd be all over it you'd be all about it it is absolutely amazing the joy you feel when your field yes you're white turn to the lord in a baby you don't feel joy in a hospital you feel destroy here of all places at a cancer center yeah I'm stunned by that every year because then we talk about this a lot that it's not just what the the good work of the doctors and the research here which is shared all all over the world mention nurses that I'm not a doctor I was going to get to actually I was working my way by cell I was working my way to the nurses and the entire staff because we understand we can we can understand how horrible a diagnosis for a child the cancer is and we can understand well you get good doctors and you could research and you and you go after that but what's understood here and you talk about the joy is a children's healthcare of Atlanta they understand the state of mind of the entire family this walking to the door in the healing process is about warmth and joy and that's as much as important as actually the doctors getting in there and taking care of the actual cancer of the leukemia whatever it is and that's what you feel that's what I feel when I come in here every year is that want to enjoy it every year I talked to a patient who is happy to come here to get treatment and that's a testament to the entire staff the nurses the doctors all of the care givers and that's the how do you how do you turn a place where you're dealing with such issues into a place of joy I don't know I'm just going to support it they do it the other thing is any adult who's ever dealt with surgery at a cancer whatever I mean it's a miserable experience right these kids come in here and they got poked and prodded in hand treated so many different ways of chemo and radiation whatever and they just have joy about I don't yeah yeah and baby on there in such a warm welcome environment think one of the things you when you walk in here and it feels like a kids club yeah like it's like you think of people going to a fancy club for adults this is all geared through the eyes of a child and that's what they understand right and so the furniture's at the right scale and they've got so many fun activities for the kids and we talk about all those things but to me what really matters here are the people who work yes absolutely you know it takes a special person work in a cancer center it takes it extremely special person to work in a child's cancer center because even though their survival rates of cancer have skyrocketed over just the time we've been doing here the nineteen years the survival rate and we started was in the sixties now so the eighties right can you imagine I mean you go back through human history make a lot of progress with health and safety and all that through wherever your political beliefs are religious beliefs when you think humanity started right right whenever it was a long time ago no matter what you believe it was a long time ago right right and so we made no progress in life spans or and outcomes for so long and then in a blink of human history we've had these enormous improvement in survival rates for people who do get sick and lifespans overall for all and let's not forget that happens because people like our listeners give money so let's get it out there eight eight eight seven five zero twenty seven seventy two that was really we had a guy really making me work here WSB radio dot com you can text the key word W. S. B. to two four five eight seven and then after you give sometime this year come on by and see the great work that they do here because it really is amazing obvious talk to Addie at ease hi Jose's mom hi how are you great how are you you were smiling ear to ear Andy this is a very important day for you why myself SO we're condition called last night and saying they don't from three hundred eighty thousand kids only one gaze condition and he's only child last last night how we're looking at the same time so you this is what I heard or you tell me if I'm right to your child this is so rare this condition that your child is the only one in the country somebody said the only one in the country and then he said no the only one in the world which one is it is not the only only one in the country so from three hundred eighty thousand kids only one gaze condition the last night yes but the lesson I am with the leukemia he's only try on the whole world and he's right here yes my goodness and he got to do something today that people just tuning and did not hear us talk about there's something in front of you would you pick that up and make some noise with us this is only a black and white why do we ring the bell here children's healthcare of Atlanta weaving in the mail today because the law says condition the first condition the last night hand syndrome we are not able to given the more chemo and this is our fight we just got to continue fighting not only for dole leukemia what including for the last nine we want to make everybody in the whole world that they need to donate for the research of Lesch Nyhan leukemia or looking the only another kind of cancers and how old is Jose who says eight and how old was he when he was diagnosed with the six almost seven yeah that's the one or not we have parents listening right now and I I I just would like them to get into that moment with Europe you you have a healthy five six year old and then you get this diagnosis and what what what what does that what does that do to a parent to hear something like that so it's a devastating when you're saying the world cancer but that doesn't matter how hard these we just got a convenient frame and we just got it believe on the doctors and believe in god that he was the one who's going to heal your son and he's going to be the person who's going to guide you through the whole area of the cancer well I just I just want to say to our listeners the you have you have them praying with you and we ask for the the thing here nurse which is money so we got the prayers and we need the money and all of our audience is praying with you and we ask you to call eight eight eight seven five zero twenty seven seventy two and anti we have now the audio when Jose got to ring the bell.

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