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But i appreciate it And i know what i know and don't pretend to know anything else but spores as the name implies these these are and a lot of ways. They're very similar to the bacteria that you're gonna find in traditional probiotics but in a lot of ways they're also different Janet you had mentioned their hardiness and that's one area that they do shine over traditional probiotics. Is that these are nature's ultimate survival. Is you have to understand that. Some of the some of the oldest organisms that we have found on this planet are actually some of these strains of spore based probiotics that you find in products today bacillus subtilis has been around for as far as we know upwards of two hundred and fifty million years. What's unique about him. Is that in an unpreferred environment. So they're everywhere around us there in the soil there in the vegetation there in the when they're in this environment they go into a protective state where they create this membrane actually around them and it acts as it acts as body armor. So it's a shield against the elements and they go into hibernation and it's not until that they're they're picked up by generally an animal and introducing to a a digestive track where they are able to come out of hibernation and go back and do bring their their positive effects to the digestive track like anything in nature when you swallow. These organisms do is to create an environment. That's good for themselves. So that means it's getting rid of bacteria that shouldn't be there. These potential bath pathogenic bacteria that are that are maybe Proliferating in your gut getting rid of these bacteria altering ince's with bound newman has well helping with bowel. Movements is kind of a secondary effect of this as we restore normalcy in the digestive track. But that's all these bacteria are doing and it just so happens that their preferred environment the environment that they're working to create in your digestive track is the optimal environment of specifically the small intestine..

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