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Newsradio they'll latest on what's going on in Iraq and also what's going on with president versus Democrats come up at four o'clock right now three fifty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes all the five years was going to start off in the Sapulpa passes on the southbound side of the four oh five where the three eight right lanes are shut down only the left lane is open to squeeze by and this is from Skirball center down to sunset and seeing a whole lot of slowing down there now they may be picking up the cones from sunset and backing up the hill so just be aware of that give them enough room so please be careful coming down that hill from Skirball center is going to come up on your fat speaking a coming up on your fast let's go to Rancho Cucamonga just looked at the cal trans camera on the northbound side of the fifteen from fourth street up to almost foothill Boulevard at just over air route and slow down if you're coming up the north down fifteen out of Mira Loma across the what ten and Ontario mills parkway because right away right after four straight is a sudden stop and this is for multi vehicle crash only just stop now at at just between fourth and foot hill all lanes are blocked there for a multi vehicle crash including a big really trying to get everything over to the right side but it's a little bit tough now with all those vehicles possibly up to six vehicles involved in this one so just be aware of that then in Pomona of the ten east before wide avenues offramp there's a two car crash working over the right shoulder also saw some slowing in riverside a rubato where there had been the this there were sixty west bound the three left lanes are closed between the ninety one valley wait they maybe pick up the comes there now next reports coming up the four or five I'm least hours were traffic reports were often can extend seventy newsradio for highs today in the eighties and nineties in the valleys eighties pretty much everywhere else right now in Pasadena sixty six Sherman oaks sixty five a three.

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