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Article and relationship principles. Dr. Stephanie believes that our God, country and family are under attack from a stressful culture and political extremism As patriots. We need to keep our family values and our relationship strong. Dr. Stephanie is the psychotherapist, so she understands that extremism is a sign of poor mental health. She can see that within relationships everywhere. Radical people are intimidating other Americans who have different political opinions. Not only are these attacks bad for people's mental health and relationships, these are ambushes upon the religious and political tolerance that America was founded upon. Dr Stephanie will rally Americans to defend our way of life. Teaching psychological and relationship principles called Dr Stephanie Nar at 30149010113014901011. Some radio stations put their talk shows in a talk block. Not here. You could talk around the clock. Stay connected and informed on talk radio 6 80 wcbm on wcbm calm. Some real things that you see me. And now more Dr Stephanie Show with Dr Stephanie Nor on talk radio 6 80 wcbm. All right. So good to have you with me here tonight, All of you, Americans, patriots and of course, my guests, Mr Cohn. For those of you who are destroying the show. Now, Mr Elliot Cohen is the founder of the nonprofit group Expectant Fathers Without Voices E F W V for short and Mr Cohn so glad that you are here. I would love to hear your definition of you know how you define an expectant father. Sure. Okay, well, an expectant father is a man who knows his partners. Pregnant. Genuinely wants to be a good parent to that child and a good man, too. The pregnant woman, whether whether they're married or or or not. An expectant father is also a man who would be willing to be vetted extensively by law enforcement, social workers, whatever the state with deem necessary, very similar to surrogacy or adoption, But in these cases it would be the actual Child's biological father, who would be wanting that, you know, to raise the child so that in this case, it wouldn't necessarily have to be the mother who raises the child. It could be the father. It absolutely could be. That said, hey, would also need to be willing to be open to the mother's involvement in the child's life if she were to have a change of heart after carrying the child to term and not rewarding Which would actually be the ideal situation because that's one of the main things that were seeking to do is to keep the families together to keep the family strong and to help. Hopefully educate Young men. As to the way that they should respond to Their partner, and I'm using the word partner because not everybody is necessarily marriage minded, especially especially when it comes to abortion. Sure, so so in the United States just just today, I must say there's some numbers out here just just today in the United States. We have had 1839 abortions performed in our country right now, as we're actually, that just became 1840. So I'm watching a real time. Abortion. Counterfeit. Yeah, It's very, very easy to find us abortion clocked out or now that being said That that's a lot of lives that are being lost, and they're being lost often times due to just a simple miscommunication when when the woman comes to Two a man and says, Hey, honey, I'm pregnant Men have been conditions for the last 30 to 40 years that the most loving and respectful thing that they can say and the best thing they can say, you know, And do you say, Well, honey, I support you. Whatever you choose, because of because of the whole women's right to choose thing, so it's been drilled into into men's minds and especially young men. That the most like I said, the most compassionate and caring and loving thing they can say is all support you whatever you choose so instantly. You're introducing the The option there by using the word choice also putting and then you're also putting pressure on the woman to have to make that decision and you're basically What the woman is hearing is okay. This guy doesn't doesn't really care. He just He's kind of like just willy nilly about it to make money not to make matters even worse. Um, one of one of the lies that the abortion industry has been very good at pushing, just like the one I just mentioned. Is that the follow up to that to that initial statement? Is And if you do choose to have an abortion, I will support you to the point where I will even pay for it. I'll drive. I'll drive you to the clinic. So on and so forth s so and so. So if I can jump in there, I want to understand. What are you teaching men? I mean, I could sort of hypothesize or anticipate what you might be teaching them in the alternative, but as your train to through your nonprofit, do more education. What are you teaching men would be the alternative. What? Something else they could say. In other words, you might be they say, Wow. What amazing, beautiful. Incredible. Glorious news. Yes, Perfect. And I'd like to talk with you and discuss what? Yeah, I'd like to discuss how we can, you know? Bring this child into the world and a happy manner. Yes, happy and safe way. Yeah. Okay. It's go time. Game on. Yeah, no turning back. Now, let's let's go ahead and Are, you know, working together and figuring out ways that we can be the best best parents that we can be, because there is a brand new life about to come into this world on that. That's about the most beautiful and amazing thing. Whether Whether you're looking at it from a faith perspective, or just they're just even a scientific perspective. It's just the creation of life is something that Is is that we all crazy, you know, look at all of the anti aging products that people use and things like that light. Life is something that we cling to so much. You know, when somebody we do everything we can to try to try to keep them, you know well, And so why do we just looked at at at this whole segment of our of our society? E. The pre born Children as disposable. Yeah, and so you're says. Some of what you're doing is really trying to educate and change people's mindsets. And I know another. Another aspect of your non profit, though, is also providing care after an abortion. Is that right? Can you can you tell the audience a little more about that part of your organization? Yes, we do. We do engage in and post post the borders care. We have a and expectant fathers without voices. Facebook's important that they can go to and sign up and join. They can also go to www dot DFW v dot net. Um, but and and we also partner with other posts the border of support groups, which are most often, uh, female base, and this is valuable because often times there are very few men represented in these groups, and it helps the post support of women quite quite a bit, too. Kind of understand and realize that there really are a lot of a lot of good men out there that actually really do care because some of them have had those kinds of miscommunications those kinds of conversations and they thought to themselves, okay? You know, I just told my boyfriend that I'm pregnant. I just told my husband even that I'm pregnant and and he said Okay, we'll support you. Whatever you choose. And if you choose an abortion, I'll pay for it. And then she she was she hears is okay. I'm gonna I like this guy doesn't want anything to do with having a child. Right. So then she'll go ahead and have the abortion and then you know, deal with a lifetime of soccer hope. Um, so it's very, very, very important to focus on poster board and care for women and and and for men..

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