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The Pacers fifty six fifty three and in the first quarter in Atlanta, blazers on top of the hawks twenty seven twenty one getting underway. Shortly warriors battle the T wolves nuggets in Oklahoma City to take on the thunder. Golden State leads Denver by one game atop the Western Conference standings turning to baseball. Bottom of the fourth in Toronto. Tigers and Bluejays are scoreless. Many top of the fourth in Miami, also scoreless. It's the Rockies and the Marlins and the Astros at the Trump have to nothing lead on the race that game bottom three and brewers pitcher. Corey knievel will miss the entire season after electing to undergo Tommy John surgery. I'm John Fass four more huge regional Sammy's tonight. Ferrallonthebench Tanny southern west. Live from the CBS sports radio studios in New York City. It's lighter. Here's Chris more. Friday night from New York City. And across the break North American airwaves. On CBS sports radio..

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