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I mean, we're We're in charge, so at some level responsible for what's going on, But make no mistake about it. I mean my opinion, the majority of the responsibility whether it's the responsibility of inconsistent offense or bad baserunning. Etcetera. That responsibility lies with the players. They're the ones on the field, right? They need to fix this problem. They need to fix the problem because everyone, including our fan base, rightfully so has had enough. We all can share the blame. But the majority to blame Lives with them. Hmm. So, Tiki. What are your thoughts on Steinbrenner placing the blame on his players? Hey, I don't mind this at all. Dave. Remember one of these particularly disappointing seasons. Think it was actually fossils last season, so lived in 2000 and three Jim Fossil, many rest in peace. My coach passed away a week or so ago. Um and, uh, he we knew he was resigning. But he had Wellington mirror coming to our meeting room, and I told the story a few times, But he basically said, Look to your left. Look to your right to. You ain't going to be here next year, and you know, it was just It's an accountability that comes from underperformance. And the Yankees had so many expectations. I mean, I I flipped through this. They're betting it. There's not a player. I mean, maybe d. J. Lo Mayhew is is closed. There's nobody close to batting 300. Geo is as well, but it's so they're so lacking in these stats that we thought were going to be explosive. And, Yeah, I know. Aaron Judge has hit a ton of home runs. 18 on the season. Already he made the All Star game, but even he's felt disappointing in some capacities. I mean, he's probably the best of the bunch. But even certain stretches. All these guys have just not lived up to the expectations, and it's not necessarily even statistics. It's situational baseball, which they which they haven't excel that And for a team that's veteran. The Taz had postseason experience and like they, you know been there for this is the first run through this this gauntlet. Um, they're not making the plays a crunch time like and that's frustrating, and that's ultimately on the players. So I agree with what he's saying. I think getting called out Sometimes the best thing that can happen to you. So, Yeah, I was okay with this. Phil Mickelson entered the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit this week. For the first time, however, the Detroit News published a story this week about a nearly 20 year old gambling beef Mickelson allegedly had with a Michigan bookie. Mickelson promptly announced he would not be returning to this event while ever again. Wow, it is Phil overreacting here, or does he have a right to be so upset? Um Both. He is overreacting, but I would be pissed too. I mean, this happened 20 years ago, a gambling beef that that he allegedly had with the Michigan bookie. And now you're just putting it on blast for For what? To be perfectly honest, I think it's an overreaction because who cares? It's like public knowledge that Phil Mickelson likes to gamble, and we don't I don't think he gambles on golf. But I don't know if that would even matter, because it's not like I mean, what's what's going to hurt, right? You know what I mean? Unless he's intentionally losing, Um But either way, it's never been implicated for gambling on the sport that he plays. He talks about it willingly. So the fact that there was a 20 year old story out there that you know, maybe had some truth to it, but probably didn't At least not to the extent that it was written. Why that upset him? I'm not quite sure. Um, but he does have a right to be upset, But that's a weird. It's a weird reaction. You know by Phil, but I guess he's sensitive. What athletes are And last one teak..

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