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You need to understand the difference between you and the top zero point one percent yeah right. Let's assume we're not airbnb. Assume you're not stripe assume you're not to call us in brothers assume you're not alone mosque right. We often talk about the successes here and benefits from a lot of it. But you need to realize that. Like i mean every there's still there's still there's profitability in which you don't have to be super fina on the successful business. Nowadays you gotta take a lot of this grant sold for sure are. Do you have any any other podcasts recommendations of his side's lumber one yeah i got my wife to listen to the peter attiyah podcasts. You could explain them to me too complicated. So i just kind of working through his current vaccine role that he's been going through. I mean his guests are just insane. But the reason why. I like peter that he's been on joe rogan. And he's been on. Tim ferriss podcast in any also has his were a large majority of these. People can't keep up with him. So i just think that. If you're going to check something check out the drive podcast. Where he's he talks to. Peter hotels the guy who talks about evolution of the anti vaccine movement yet that superintendent the one. I wanted to mention before i let you go. Is this podcast from andrews Grow sa- grew it's called investing in paradigm shifts invest. Like the best another one. That i mentioned all the time but it was really interesting. Because he talks about one of his investments which is savage xfinity their riana clothing brand. And i think it's so interesting because he talks about their partnership with amazon and different new marketing channels. I guess they're using a so. For example they have three hundred plus influencers pay where majority of their marketing dollars. Go to and he has a couple tweakable quotes in there like cost of acquisition is the new rant and he tend to avoid companies that have the liability of leases legacy businesses typically struggled to take advantage of these paradigm shifts and Amazon desperately trying to get into the high end retail business. So this partnership is really interesting hearing him. Talk about how their lifetime value of a customer at Twice of what. Victoria's secret is a think. I think that's really interesting. You can learn a lot from even if you're not in the retail business but i'll leave it there. I know you're a run babysitting duties so great talking.

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