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Three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. Ben Anderson is here. Filling in for Dan shagrue, who's taking some time off, and we're actually going to talk. Dan, Dan's gonna come down tell us what's been going on at around four thirty. He'll be in Ta-talk. And so there you go three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number for talk and text for about to jump into the topic of racing movies is yesterday was the Daytona five hundred and. I did not see it. Did you see it? I did not. I I was sleeping a little bit. And here for the rest of us. I gotcha. I gotcha. But I do know. Denny Hamlin one. Yes. That's what I that's what I heard. Yeah. So, but it's exciting. A lot of people love love the Daytona five hundred. And so we thought we talk about racing movies. The best racing movies three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is your is the phone number for talk and text. So we'll jump into that. I I have a spots or soft spot for the race because I live down there. And you and I talked a little bit about that literally. When when I went to school, you can look out my dorm room straight at the race track. That's pretty cool. It was pretty awesome. Yeah. That's pretty cool. Now, what what are what was the what's the first racing movie that popped into your head? When you when we were thinking about this. Well, there are so many. But I'm gonna go with the song that I played to get into this segment is from one of my favorite racing scenes. Okay. And it's from the movie driven with Stallone. Right. As where the race in the Indy cars through the city. All right. Song? They used for that scene. I only I liked driven. I remember I remember kind of liking it. Rennie Harland directed that movie and running Harland's one of my favorite action directors. He directed. The dreaded die hard to ease ease. He directed. Long kiss. Goodnight with with Gina Davis, which is one of my favorite. Yeah. Underrated movies. But yeah, he directed. He directed that. Remember, Burt Reynolds was driven. Yeah. I just haven't seen it. I haven't seen it since it came out. But yeah, that's that's that's on these lists right there. I got a couple of lists in front of me of the best racing movies. Three one two nine eight one seven two hundred. Now, you can't. Talk about like racing movies and not mentioned efforts two thousand which is David Carey and one of the legendary Roger Corman productions. Speaking of Stallone. He's in that. That's what I think that was his first movie if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. Yeah. He's one of the drivers in death race two thousand the idea of death rates two thousand was. You would drive cars and hit people and kill them. And you would get more points, depending on the person that you killed. So this is an exploitation movie. A, you know, a B movie from the seventies that played the drive ins and. Produced by Roger Corman from new world, pictures and. I mean, if if the name Roger Cormon is usually on the credits. Those those are the kind of movies that you get you get John remove SCI fi movies horror movies action movies that kind of stuff, but you can't talk about racing movies and not mentioned death rates two thousand. It is clear. Classic classic movie in the vehicles. That are also pretty awesome. Now, they did remake it with Jason Statham, which which they shouldn't have. But it was a they just call the death race. And so. Yeah. But there was no need for a remake. So, but yeah, I really enjoyed death race two thousand if you've not seen. It is a classic b movie from the seventies. And it just it just is is pretty much. Everything you would expect from a crazy Roger Corman movie, and the cars are cool. And yeah. So three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. If you would like to join us we're talking honor of the Daytona five hundred which was yesterday. We're talking about the best racing movies. There are so many choose from which ones are your favorites. Let's see here is Jack on WGN hijack. Hey, how you doing? All right. You gotta favorite. Well, I'm a movie lover. So I wanted popped into mind is a grand prix. Yeah. Classic. I mean, that's the curry movie. Yeah. As James James garner is in that one. Saint Maria Marie saying to think, and it's a Cheryl Muna, isn't it? Yeah. It's a great movie. It's a it's a John Frankenheimer directed that movie. Who's who directed a lot of really really good films. But yeah, that's that's a good one. That's one for cinematography or not. There's a lot of great camera work credits. The way they do the tug raphia credits. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good. You know, what I haven't seen that one in a long time. I need to I need the dust that one often watch it again, it's been a really long time seen grand prix. Yeah. That's I actually have the album soundtrack of that. Yeah. Another one is certainly the the Steve McQueen. Take off of that. Which is LeMond Steve McQueen, obviously was a was a major racecar driver. That was a real thing for him. You know, and not just not just because he was in bullet. Right. But because he was an actual professional racecar driver. And he did he did he that was his that was his passion project. Lamont's actually motorcycles was more his racing past. And they think that's true absolutely one of the most iconic moments in movie history on a motorcycle in the greatest game. I mean, that's. And he did all his own. Yup. Stopped working there. Absolutely. Okay. Paul Newman, and winning is the other occur. Look good. But it's that's another guy. Paul Newman was into racing too. He was a he I think he finished second. The the twenty four hour. The race. Yeah. He was a pro. No question about it. All right, J, only I did want to throw one other movie that you're probably nobody else is going to bring up. It's called I sailed to Tahiti with an all girl crew. It's look it up. If you've never heard of it. I've never heard of it. It's a it's a good. It's a bad movie. That's so bad. It's good. Okay. And it's about a boat race to Tahiti and betting the boat. Whoever wins gets the other guys boats. So good one I sailed to Tahiti with an all girl crew exactly certainly of nineteen sixties. Certainly a good Jack. Thank you, sir. Daycare. Have a good one three one two nine eight one seven two hundred. I sailed to Tahiti with an all. Can you look that one up? Then I sailed to Tahiti with an all girl crew. Jackson. Oh, it's so bad. It's good. You gotta love movies that are so bad. They're good. I've never heard of that one though, quite a title who's in it does it. What what did they say about it? They're bent. All right. It was released in sixty eight okay. See here. Does it have an IM db page. Yeah. That's that's where I'm at. Okay. I'm just trying to make sure I get to all the good stuff here. It was directed by Richard l bare. Okay. That doesn't help me at all. Who's in it? Anybody of note? Not that. I really see. But some of the top ones are Gardner McKay. Fred clark. Diane McBain and pet be trim. Pat buttram. Your mind. Okay. I know him, right? Great character actor who was in like nine hundred westerns and stuff got a very distinctive voice. He was in. What am I? Greenacres? I believe. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. And you get recognized that guy's voice for anyway. So anyway, there it is is it available. Have they put it out in the criterion collection?.

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