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Hi. Everybody welcome to bad signs. I'm an Edinburgh and today we're talking about the latest and greatest earthquake film Twenty Seventeen Know Twenty fifteen. Does anybody know in this movie any fifteen San Andreas. You can already tell my guests are brilliant. They we know the year of the film. I'm going to introduce them right now. We have actor writer and stand up comedian from the savage snowflake podcast Geoff Leach. Hello how are you. I'm doing Great Jeff. How are you all right? I love your radio Voice. I love your voice a wonderful well yeah. I've got a lot of depth as well yeah going but but you have like a demeanor that soon as we start talking on the podcasts you're like and now I am an official man. It's his job as well. It's a very professional show. I would never say anything out of the ordinary. If you're the you're the most professional you two different types of beverage. That's right caffeinated and Akwa base. That's right. It depends what you want but I always provide two different liquids. I love to different colored liquid one type of plug copies of the same color no. It's not going to happen on do that no but if you want one clear and one brown you come to the right place wow again different type of focus I think let's try and focus on absolute tragedy disasters. You told me this was. PG rated different colors liquids. It's just another tally on my fucked up list. I've just fucked up so many the times and here's another you're going to be no should I do you leave the end. I do leave it in his enemies. Oh my goodness. I'll be out on this one beeping his phonier. anyways I feel like it but instead incentive beeping it yeah. Can you see me going this up and put probably where I'm just going. Oh yeah no no no. Let's actually let's just get a few reactions so that I can throw those in leat. Stop Eat. Oh that one was like majestic yourself out okay. Well talk about a fucking smart dude. I'll introduce our other guests here to introduce me thanks I this guy is an associate staff seismologists from Caltech. Which is the school? They're discussing and shooting shooting at in. I don't know if they're shooting at it. I guess we'll ask him in the film San Andreas. It's Dr Min adrain mayor. How's it going very good? Thanks for having me. Did I say your last last name right. I feel like I was GONNA say mire. Mare your myers good Meyer. Okay good means go a lot going on I four he's a fucking brainiac Ri- Yes we just so as a over yet yeah unlike secondly he was playing ukulele minute go so he's like a double threat clearly ridiculously handsome. That's what I was gonNA. Say is the triple threat because clearly he could play bond but then also play instruments and it also measured the earth and he's White Adam straight want these women saw in life. It looks like he just got down from a mountain mountain and came in here today. This guy goes into rows that not only do they not follow him around up and down the aisles. They give him stuff to take away for free. Whatever you want doctor he's killing? She probably say something well. Let's talk about the movie I Sandra I had never seen before this morning. Okay great so fresh stayed like took talk just not even twenty four hours a guard okay great. It's still fresh very fresh well. What was your muscles fresh well? My initial thought is this the signs of why this film was even made okay. That was my biggest. I usually try to find like production not airs but just like why did it. Why was it hard making this movie because there's usually a big story about how it didn't work out and how they had to switch the director but it just seemed like everyone agreed movie should get made and then the rock was like I'm in and then it got married yeah and don't get me wrong? There's some great performances in it. Oh yeah good elements about it yeah but it's the simplest film that's ever been made isn't it. I think it's just a copy paste disaster right one with the train that's running away with them. Denzel and healthy headline one car three or something like that it's about run away and then the younger younger he's divorced from his girl but then he wants back then he saves the trainees here yeah. It's like the same thing. There's always got to be a love story and then there's gotta be one just as soon as the film starts there's going to be something terrible and exciting and then just domino effect boom boom boom boom boom climax to sitting in second major scientific question I had before stray off the bat again to the actual earthquake section sure why is the rocks daughter so translucent y Ou like I'll let you take that one because she she she's. She's the actress that goes play is of English Irish Italian and Hungarian descent like she can be more right yeah and the Rock I mean he's rocking a little something any he's GonNa little culture going on. I mean I didn't question it while I was watching it but now it now that you say it. I can't get out of my head the whole movie. I was just going well. I can believe this tidal wave is taking all these buildings but the Pale Skin God signs the same. Everything else is completely realistic right yeah uh that my friend was saying that the most unrealistic thing of the movies that somebody divorced dwayne Johnson the good point sexy accent as well L. he does. He Still Switzerland believe he's from Switzerland from Switzerland changed accent depending on who I talked to Ooh talk to American person or to your Irish it's up. I think he's Irish because you're like Oh. I should told you should have been from oil and and then just studying earthquakes wchs now learn English and then when I came here everybody thought I was from South Africa and lived there for a while and then people started asking from Germany snap. That's it's a step back isn't it the actor who plays Jack Stella in sons of anarchy odds because he's got like three accents none of them now. He's he's just got through it access which is then then automatically switch depending on who you talked loving so is it a Swiss accent. Were hearing does that. I don't know you don't know tell me girlfriends oh friends in the room so she can watch me fly outrageous throughout this whole punk fall. I mean she should be jealous. We haven't for actually a homosexual. I'm just European so the movie yeah Yeah Okay so wait. Let's go to the doctor here. When did you first see it? And what did you think of the film. I actually watched it on the plane here. When I moved to California how funny that's why I knew it was in two thousand fifteen okay and I saw a time to watch it possibly on the plane I can't move to? La Without having seen the movie our okay so I watched it and then they start the thing with you know where they go and rescue the car accident right yes becky that was called Natalie but it close enough. I hear Middle Games probably Yeah No. He does the thing where you know. He tips the hat. Ask The too much in case you didn't see it is caused the car to full first of all is the road to blades wind helicopter Johnson yeah well beyond you just can't fly helicopter like that anyways. It was almost on do that no question about that tipping the hat question the hat I almost wish film it was almost too much and we'd like ours. Good is that because of the wrong words for the rest of his crewmen who by the way a meant to be seasoned Marines Marines and he's just just when you're down there and make sure you do this really simplistic thing. The shouli should know because you're a professional department. I mean he's like chill about that. Guy was like very cocky about going down there and he goes. Hey we only have five minutes and he's like everything and then they do the whole procedure it goes wrong long and then somehow they're all happy about. Don't isn't the helicopter about to break down your timeline here. I wish the guy lost his arm. At the beginning he should've lost his arm. That would have been so so if a car traps your arm on the side of amount and you're gonNA have some kind of lost and damaged at least bit nerve damage convenient. He's just rocking through any should've taken his arm off he will well-trained and well-trained whoa triggering really strong forum so you didn't appreciate the tip the hat but you kept watching and enjoyed the Phil I did no I think it's great and you know it's totally over the top. Many regards says a lot of good elements suggest watching it whilst on edibles of Legal Age and you're allowed to do that in that something you're into you have an edible beforehand. That's smart. That's how I did. It and I found it pretty hilarious realistic yeah. It was a great comedy movie Yeah Yeah. I think there were funny. I will say I didn't find the parts that they meant to be funny funny but I did for any time. A building was going down. I was loving it hilarious. I love of that sharing. I know I it's probably terrible because you know you're also thinking how many people are in this building. How many people are getting crushed by this building etcetera etcetera but for some reason just watching Ching buildings go down is awesome? We need more of that in films all right nine eleven i. I was watching the whole time just thinking that I was just going eleven nine eleven way. We're making this movie because you could call you even mentioned those two numbers you can literally just got. Hey what's going out to the car. I would probably going to get between some nine eleven. I WANNA go. I don't WANNA go out. How dare you ruined my night? You can't say those numbers. They just can't drop him KNBR notice lock it. Was You know al Qaeda in festival season yeah which is my favorite festival season and they tip over right. He's one of the nine eleven conspiracy theories right it collapsed within themselves which is actually apparently really difficult to do. If you want to demolish a building on purpose you WanNa do it without you know destroying the neighboring buildings but is it just imploded so year theorist. I'm not oh I would love that if you were but the the triple threat just became yeah. I think it's a difficult physical problem of how these buildings actually will go down because we've never seen it. There's never been a really big earthquake close to modern city since we had skyscraper. Oh a ankle billions can collapse well high-rises. Can it's used it hasn't happened yet. It hasn't happened yet. What about the waves the way that because there is a few like super for wide shots of the.

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