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San Diego to take on the Chargers and look I gotta give the cold some credit they have wild look again if you think Jim Irsay is not a pathological liar you're dreaming he has lied to you time and time again for almost a decade now about his football team and in particular the quarterback position he lied about Peyton manning he lied about interlocking couple years ago and he lied to you most recently with interlock so if you're they get a gym or say the other pathological liar at this point your dream your absolute German but to the guys credit he keeps role one he keeps moving he's not going to be the third he continues to try to sell ice to Eskimos and he continues to tell you Jacoby birds that is going to be great take a listen I know this widget Colby when you look at the size his speed his intelligence his leadership check all the boxes okay there's no question about it so now it's just a question of him going out and getting confidence and leaning. on this great team that Chris and Frank is built. okay we've heard it it we've heard of the teams out there Jimmer say only the cold is telling us because remember two years ago would you Kobe Pursat because Jacoby were set we actually he's this kind of a known quantity like only gosh the potential this guy's gonna be so great scholars tended ability well no we have a resume and he went for one twelve and that's not good now we were told being told or have been told that well he had a terrible team around yeah I mean even on that just to have the talent and have the the skill position players nobody could have even log might have been eight days would know better than that. well. that's not twenty ninety. we just heard from Jim Irsay the team's behind him we've got the players we've got the horses how many people were predicting before the locker tyrant cults might be a Super Bowl contender. so it is time for the rubber to meet the road with the Indianapolis Colts educology per set and there is no margin for error no what happened again in twenty seventeen with percent people is a back up you know he's doing what he's doing he's doing the best you can we've heard it now you kept this guy on your roster. for three years yo you saw in place on the sample size he kept him as a backup and they kept him as a backup knowing your quarterback was injured and again don't kid yourself they knew luck was injured or at the very least they knew his heart wasn't in it and they kept this dude around. their soul Brian warrior I don't wanna hear o'brien horror coming in for interviews are Matt Cassel or anyone else there's not enough time for those guys get up to speed and be a starter before week three or four at the earliest and you see time and time again when you guys come in in the the start of the season middle the season it's always a disaster it's always a disaster so we are all on the Jacobi burset. hope train at this point and for the colts if they start out in three which is a very easily could do there at the Chargers then there at the Titans and in their home against the falcons. look out it's mutiny storm the bass steel hits his rabble rabble rabble the quote South Park because you don't have a team that you should be on paper until the raiders in week four now Jacoby percent might surprise us if he comes out and goes a year or two into in those first couple games you know you're gonna lose to the chiefs in week three your goal is to them regardless but if he comes out goes to into starts to two maybe three and three he's gonna buy and sell sometimes gonna buy and sell some optimism and maybe he's a guy who can build momentum we can get people behind the team and move forward but these first couple weeks weeks are so magnified. sold one hundred and fifty percent magnified compared to what you normally go through you start out wanting to invoice horn right that's final turn around because the raiders record be great we'll be fine one into one and three oh one three oh into it is mass panic in the circle city so a huge week of sports it is a huge week we've got the brickyard four hundred Sunday at two and then a week one in the city like we may have never ever seen before as the Indianapolis Colts take on the San Diego Chargers at four oh five man I can not wait ninety three W. I. B. C. rob Kendall.

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