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Table. David Spade Fred savage and Titus Burgess this week on the view on A._B._C.. Tomorrow Democratic presidential candidate better work is live on the view with his plan to reignite a campaign that went from red hot to not flood his wife Amy Hoover Sanders joins him for their first national national interview together and the SUCC- seems dealer from girls Chip Cookie Syrah boasts Sharon why he still single and taking his time to find love. Hey we are back with congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Megan yes so congressman the lineup for the next democratic debate with just announced and this time you're going to be on stage with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. You called her attack on Biden a political ploy. I pressed her on this when she was on the show a few two weeks ago <hes> I WANNA know. Do you expect more confrontations this time time around and will you call it for what it is like you did last time I will continue to call it for what it is. I think that voters across this country deserve to see the contrast positions is that we have amongst our candidates and the Democratic primary <hes> but you know attacks just for the sake personal attacks attacks just for the sake of trying to push yourself forward <hes> in the campaign. I think our underhanded do I I do I do. I mean really when it came out. Her position was the same as what Biden is saying. His position is but the thing that I'm looking forward to doing it. The debates and it's an important platform to have this opportunity in front of millions of people is really to talk about some of the things we discussed today about the most important responsibility of the president has is commander in chief and the experience that I bring <hes> both as a soldier for over sixteen years <hes> deployed twice to the Middle East serving Congress almost seven years on Foreign Affairs Armed Services.

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