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All right our number two dumb beginning dismal meet imitators the heart of the show is on endless already abroad by babe ruth mechanical breakdown today's practice at serb get two tables it so we can get into the meal so to speak which new saints coach who had the biggest impact drain training camp special special teams coach brad banta might nolan over the linebackers ran nielsen defensive line all courtesy johnson the wide receivers vote online at wwl dot com made in our thought he would saint coach sean payton had to say from today's practice day to 850 am to eleven ten the temperature at the conclusion of practice was ninety two degrees as the heat in dc was a hundred into and i thought they end up yes was talking with do's and do so we we start things open youth out today of from an offensive standpoint not as good as they may be taking a step in the wrong direction definitely big so you know and whether it was this lack of focus or you know mentally not being unlock the in all the way they just didn't have that that often you know they just made too many just small mistakes not not not do you not a thing that they can't fix but it's something that if they don't get it straighten up that it could be alarming because of me little mistakes will get you be would do about it seemed like the counterfeited strong at times not well liked the taboo microtarget will michael thomas to be unbelievable but i thought when you look at times tag in june you corey fuller even randy bowman get ahead almost the moment and the reason why i say that because alec we have not seen delvine now my guide leader on a 20yard pass and then i think it was a dull woobox coleman today yes actually doubt that was cover to on the stage win over to get it makes the role of it in may debbah touchdown the whole monrovia found out it was a cover to in a safety didn't get over the top in you know once you drew sees their o j yeah i mean is illegal something it's easy but the one thing that that makes me wonder okay to delve and get a good jamel we owe that that would be.

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