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It in the back of the net. Oh, and he's still talking. Yeah, look, he was about to take that shirt off, too. Christian rose and I said, no, no, no, no, no, keep it on. And then look at this. Uh oh. Uh oh. Yeah, lots of heat after this one. The nano incense thought the referee was making fun of him. Everybody wanted a piece. Of niccolo dero there as you could see on both teams. Very, very, very intense at the end of that match, can't wait for the second leg in what now 6 days time. All right, her first question here. I'm supposed to ask you what's the better headline, but really what I want to know is what's the more accurate headline? Did the sounders take a well earned draw on the road or the pumas joke? Now, the sounders had a well earned dry and why I say that it is partly circumstantial, but I have a real hard time say thinking the pumas team choked. This is 18 that was already very thin. The nanos playing on one leg scores two goals. Alan mosel goes out with an injury. He's a leading assist man for boomers. He's the guy who actually makes them tick. This isn't already depleted team Arturo Ortiz. He's playing with the national team because he's better for this game and they're up to zero and then it ain't more circumstantial way you could probably say but okay, but should the PK have gone through? Should have been verified or actually counted with a little bit of a shove there. I've got a real issue saying pumas choked. I think pumas did what they couldn't this game and actually that was a very entertaining game at that. But I think Seattle sounders ended up getting a very good result in the most Seattle sounder type of way. You could say what you want, but we've seen this.

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