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I would pre game with like I. And when I decided to quit, I was like, what is my life going to be an year? Just still the same person. Was it a slow build up to saying like, hey, there's something going on, or was it like a moment kind of thing? I did hit a bottom, so there was a moment, but it was a slow build up because I was drinking all the time. I was blacking out very easily. It always reminded me of that. John Mullany joke where he's like, I got to the point where it have like one drink in your body would be like, well, we know where this is going. We're going to bed just your you would black out from like a couple beers because because that's because my brain is exactly has joke, your brain knows we know where this is going. It never stops it to beers. Let's just turn off the lights now and energy. Is that right? I didn't know that happened. So I would I would black out very easily, and I never did anything like super regretted or dangerous when I drink, but the hangover was destroying my life. I couldn't function anymore, and I was just starting to get things like I just I remembered the impetus was kind of. I got a pilot MTV to do a talk show that turned into a show, but I remember thinking not be able to film this and write this if I'm hungover even like every day. 'cause I always have a hangover. And so it was like, so I got a book because I quit smoking with this book called the easy way to smoke Alan, all these comics so many this book I, yeah, I was one of the early adopters, I think of the book for the I've given it to so many medians..

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