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It down It's 9 28 Back to the traffic set it with Jack Taylor All right the late issue in Virginia had been on 66 east before he got to 29 in Centreville earlier wreck got moved over onto the shoulder and the delay is easing as you leave bull run Westbound had been a little bit heavy passing 50 be careful if we've got a work zone We do know the work is on 66 west after 29 in centerville and taken away that right lane We're down to a single lane north on the GW Parkway scheduled work as you ride up toward the scenic overlooks There's a wreck on the beltway inner loop up near the Delos toll road along the right side of the roadway Still very slow Maryland inn to Virginia inner loop south of town slows saint Barnabas road headed toward route one in Alexandria local lanes at X one 77 crash remains along the far left side of the roadway Now you will find we're slow inside the beltway on 66 trying to get up onto the Roosevelt bridge and we'd had some slowing on the GW Parkway headed in the southbound direction to go inbound on the 14th street bridge The earlier trouble as you left the 14th into the district on the freeway near park police exit two an earlier crash cleared just taking a bit for the delay to ease back We're also a bit slower now as you leave the 11th street bridge on the westbound freeway headed toward the third street tunnel and main avenue The delay D.C. two 95 going southbound headed from eastern avenue toward east capitol street and northbound's heavier now with some slowing as you approach Pennsylvania avenue back toward east capital street Delays at a green belt in Maryland on the northbound BW Parkway after powder mill a crash was along the left side southbound rubbernecking still at Brown one 98 Beltway topside out of it wants to let loose still a bit heavy though New Hampshire toward Georgia and late delays on two 70 getting into urbana headed down toward one O 9 clear clarksburg you look good all the way down toward the lane divide We'd have reports of a wreck on 15 and Frederick southbound reported to be down near moderate avenue Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Super cloudy this morning Michelle Grossman has our forecast It's a cloudy windy and warmer day highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s rain showers today with some.

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