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Report from the co all investment group. Good afternoon. I'm charter retirement Plenty. Councilor Joseph with your closing business report. Stocks traded higher today, with the major averages closing out this quarter near record highs. The first half of 2021 is finishing strong as the S and P 500 closes at a record high and its fifth positive month in a row. Meanwhile, lumber futures have tanked 42% in June. I'm pays for their worst month on record dating back to 1978. This is a huge reversal for lumber prices after a jaw dropping rally this spring. Hopefully assign that prices are stabilizing as supply and demand come back in line. On the day, the Dow was up 210 to 34,005 to the S and P 500 rose five and the NASDAQ was lower by 24 points. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and stay up to date with the latest news. I'm investing, retirement and market trends from the co all investment group, the retirement specialist. I'm Joe still standing up from Milwaukee. This is the mark Belling late afternoon show on news talk 11 30. W Y s sad. I said for those of you who weren't around because maybe you were listening to the brewer game and what a bizarro game that was. Cubs scored seven runs on the top of the first and get killed. 15 to 7 by Milwaukee. Uh That I had four examples of Points that We conservatives have been making or maybe that I've been making That we get either further evidence of or simply conclusively prove them. Here's the third story. There's an outfit called Teneo Holdings. It's a global consulting firm. You know these big corporations they want to hire an expert to tell them how to handle this sad of the other thing. There's 345 of these companies that are just huge that are into that line of work. And Penny. Oh, is one of the go to corporations. It has major clients, Coca Cola, General Electric and so odd. And the thing that it specializes it. Is dealing with issues of diversity, workplace culture, et cetera. They train corporations and how to set him put in place policies. To create Enlightened workplaces. They put on clinics in this regard. The CEO of Teneo. Is a guy named Paul Kelly. Declan Kelly. I'm sorry, Declan Kelly is the head of Teneo. And he came from all the right places. Let me quote his bio from The Wall Street Journal, formerly a newspaper reporter, Kelly moved into public relations that are the rank in the 19 nineties. He was an executive of public relations firms let a management buyout of one of them before making a move into politics. He was a top fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's 2000 and eight presidential campaign in 2000 and nine, Kelly was appointed special envoy in Northern Ireland by Mrs Clinton, who was then US secretary of State. He co founded Teneo in 2011 with former Clinton White House official Doug Band. So you got every lefty name and every lefty connection here add the type of consulting that they do is you know all these companies they need to bring in some enlightened left east to tell us how we can make sure we're diverse. How we can make sure that women are comfortable etcetera. Well, there was a recent event being held by an organization called Global Citizen. Our company has dealt business done business with them. Global Citizen is one of those organizations. It's exactly what you think It is how we need to all work together as citizens of the planet and look beyond nationalism and look beyond these concepts to all be wonderful, enlightened great citizens of the planet. In other words, lefty crapola. So here you've got the head of Kenny. Oh, this big time lefty consulting firm hanging around with a bunch of other lefties at the Global Citizen Summit. So everybody involved here is a politically correct highfalutin lefty. What have I been telling you? Forever and ever and ever and ever, really, ever since the Weinstein thing came down That while I don't believe that being a lefty makes you likelier to be a pig or an inappropriate person, I believe that being a lefty leads you to think that you can get away with being a peregrine. Inappropriate person. You take some right winger who's a pig and a latch it up. Pretty much knows. You still can't get away with it if you're caught doing it. Let's imagine I was a pig and a letch. I'm a pig and election. I act like a pig to let my career is over. But see. Met lower and Harvey Weinstein and those they don't think that way. They think the rules don't apply to them because they're in height, enlightened liberals. So remember what this event is? The Teneo is the company that pushes diversity in the workplace is paid tens of thousands hundreds of thousands millions of dollars of a major corporations to tell them how to do this, And he's at the Global citizen Initiative, which is a bunch of lefties who are all put save the world. Save the planet. Look beyond trump all that crap. The CEO of Teneo Declan Kelly, who, as I said, founded the company with Doug Band and who cut his teeth on the Hillary Clinton campaign basic how often she's coming up at today's program, isn't it? Well at the Global Citizen Initiative. This guy who is the head of Teneo. Declan Kelly starts to drink. Do you think this story is going? Take a guess. After drinking you can't imagine. Remember what he is. He's a guy diversity in the workplace how to treat women in the workplace. All these lefties are here, etcetera, hoity 20. He started making passes. Yeah, he started making passes. Nothing, Mr Get a hard to treat people in the workplace, respect everybody's rights and liberties and all of this stuff Lefty with a bunch of lefties. He's drinking a little bit, Paul says You're right. He started to make passes. Oh, he started to make passes And they started is the key word because then, according to the Wall Street Journal, he moved from making passes throughout and now groping and kissing and doing all sorts of inappropriate things with other people at this event and since, said he has apologized like great Easy and has vowed. What do you think he's vowed never to do again. Said he will never in his life again. Do what Bad. Drink. Okay? He has now resigned as the CEO of Tonio again. I am not claiming that only liberals are slide balls. What I have been telling you forever. Is that liberals think that they can get away with being slime balls because of the double standards. It's in place that allows them to excoriate and eviscerates those of us on the right for anything we do, but they believe that they have a free pass. And I'm sure my guess is this isn't the first time he got blasted is that to grab it up women so forth and so on, But he did it with the wrong bunch of people this time around, and it came back to bite him in the But given the fact that it's very hard for somebody to be the CEO of a consulting firm that tells you how to treat women with people. Appropriately in the workplace. When you're out there getting drunk and grabbing people up at a social event like this. I've got one more example of and I told you so that we'll do a little bit later on in the program, But I want to move now. First to this story. There's a guy named if you don't know this name listen to would have committed to memory.

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