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Glen ellyn downtown along the lakefront twenty nine degrees. I'm Don Clemson and the WGN radio newsroom, and these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN. This is John Williams, and we usually on Saturday mornings about this time as producer Griffin to introduce us to a little bit of music. Tell us about it. We'll rate it on a scale of one hundred it'll be listening to their that was singer-songwriter mid ski. Her name's midst ski son was called nobody from her album be the cowboy. Pretty good. It came out last year. That was rated number one album of year on pitchfork PO no kidding really skied number one album aveer on pitchfork be the cowboy by needs a cowboy the Countess sound like that is that pretty typical for her. Yes. And no. Yeah. That's a fair representation. That was the big song from it. I think it's probably the most catchy. But. Yeah. Unpleasant. So on a scale of one to one hundred and says, well, it wasn't unpleasant. I give it a one to one hundred. I'll give it a forty seven. Wow. This is the time that's unpleasant. Shelf of unpleasing. What though I? I I respect it even though I completely disagree. But at least he didn't say, oh, it's pretty good ninety. Okay. In five. That's why did eight. So this is let's just pick up forty seven seems harsh. Policing everybody. Must match the score. Otherwise. Oh, gosh. I was expecting like a sixty forty seven now, which is it is it not unpleasant. Or is it a forty seven. I'll say it's forty seven forty seven. This is my problem. I can only rate the music. I'm hearing right now. I can't rate the music that I heard coming into this. What do you mean by that? You mean the bed music? Yeah..

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