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When I started thinking front office, I went all in front office. Including the game's bright stars of today. There was something star Jayson Tatum. Jason, how are you? I'm doing good. How you doing? Behind the scenes stories, some coaches and executives things go well. It's like the union did great when things go poorly at the president now CJ's father. And breakdowns from analysts and insiders who doesn't seem Philly is in all that much of a rush. Listen to the world by wherever you get your podcast. Troy is up next in Tuscaloosa. Trey good afternoon to you. Trey there. He's not. What can I tell you? Brett is up next in Atlanta. Hello, Brett. Good Paul. How you doing? We're doing great, thank you. I just wanted to kind of bring up a bit I made back in the winter of last year and the reasons that I made the bet. So back in February, I put a $1000 on Georgia when the national championship at ten to one odds. And the reasons that I did that were, I kept on seeing this stuff coming out from the Georgia team. That Jordan Davis coming back, hashtag unfinished business. Devonte Wyatt coming back, hashtag unfinished business. Samir white, James cook, the whole thing. And then the kicker was Dan landing, getting the offer to go to Texas and for a lot more money and his comeback was hashtag unfinished business. So I think that that was the reason I placed the bet and I think that this is a different team for Georgia. I think you're right about that, Brett and herb street, coach Don and others have said it and it's too early to say what I'm about to say, but I'll say it. This team is starting to resemble the Alabama team from last year, which bought in. And I think somebody said that a minute ago and sometimes unique teams there are a lot of individual teams. There's a lot of good teams, but this team is different than anyone I've seen this year. And you go back to the game day, interview that Kirk her treat did with the defensive guys. And I read who exactly was in that interview, but those guys were in tune with each other. It was all about the team. It was not about me and just something different about this team that you just got to love. Yeah, I think the one thing about this Brett is will they be tested and how do they react when they are? That was always a question about Alabama last year. They really, you know, they were under a little pressure in the old miss game and the Florida game, but that was it, and will they be tested, though? I don't know. I mean, I think this week presents some issues, but there's still a huge favor. We'll try again. Trey, you're on the air, go ahead. Yes, sir. How are you, my friend? I'm going to drop my phone. Paul, great interview with coach done, and then I want to say, prayers out to mister hurt, his family. But Paul, we had another one in trash irrelevant phone calls from Jim from Tuscaloosa. He now knows more than Kirk harp street and Greg Mack Roy. And I don't think he's ever put a job strap on in his entire life, Paul. But what I want to get into, we're talking about this phone call that mister barber. Oh, yeah. I want to know, you used to be a journalist and reporter. When mister burns makes this phone call to dabo, could you please explain to me the welcoming committee and Tuscaloosa for dabo and the scene and tea town and what's your show would be like the next day because you used to do that kind of journalism and investigation and I'd like to hear your response to that. What do you think it would look like? No one thinks right. No one needs to tell me when Davos credentials are. We all know. He's one two national championships. So he's put together phenomenal program at Clemson this year, notwithstanding, but I have not heard many people lately. Maybe 5 years ago, four years ago, but I have not heard many people lately part of the inner circle of Alabama football, both former players, alums and personnel that works there. Who are that enamored with the idea that dabu Sweeney one day should be the Alabama coach? I think I'm not reacting directly to that caller. I'm just saying this is just in general. I don't think there would be that much enthusiasm for it. At the moment, could change. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it. Brad is in Atlanta. Hello, Brad. Hi Paul, sorry. It got Walla good. It's got hung up on. Had asked about the Tennessee George gang, but I wanted to follow up a little bit, and obviously I've been watching since then, Jim from Tesco, he just can not stand it if you don't follow all over Alabama. I felt that was an awesome interview. Very straightforward. Very factual and I just don't think that, you know, I say, there's a few folks in Alabama that if you just don't fall out over the team and the coach. Brad, we have to go to a break here in a second, but it's more about the game. When Alabama's leading by three touchdowns, everybody loves the announcers. Up against a break more to come, more of your phone calls at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5.

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