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Definitive word on that but that was a tough blow for the chiefs you wouldn't know it by the result today is a Sammy Watkins was terrific stepping up making several big plays early catching a couple touchdown passes from Patrick ball homes to put the chiefs on their way early part of a seventeen point first quarter and they would it by a score of forty to twenty six so more homes with a terrific day though passing he was twenty five of thirty three three hundred and seventy eight yards three touchdowns in all walk ins pass catching nine of those passes I am a hundred ninety eight yards receiving and three touchdowns the silver lining in the loss for the Jaguars if there was one was the play of Gardner mention the rookie out of Washington state to turn down a chance to go to Alabama is seen year instead decide to go to Washington state he was one of the country's best passes on the Mike leach and so for that has. really done done wonders form as he came into today as the backup came off the bench and was twenty two of twenty five for two hundred seventy five yards passing two touchdowns did have one interception but it was not enough to ride the Jaguars who fall by a score of forty to twenty six the biggest disappointment with the Browns got blown out at home by the Titans really blew it open in the second half especially in the fourth quarter where they scored twenty one points and went on to a forty three thirteen victory over the Browns. okay and a couple of minutes we hope to have Cole Beasley of the bills as the bill's going into MetLife stadium today and beating the jets seventeen to sixteen to walk out with a season opening win over division opponents so it may not have been the prettiest one on the road but certainly one the will take as there's a lot of optimism with this team this year after falling short of the playoffs a year ago but the Josh down look pretty good today twenty four of thirty seven two hundred fifty four yards a touchdown he did have two interceptions and one was returned for a touchdown one that went off Beasley's hands and into the hands of C. J. Moseley and that was really one of two scores today for the jets they finally got it office of touch down in the third quarter from levy on bell called a nine yard pass from Sam Donald but the. defense putting the clamps down laid on the jets and coming away with the one point win to open up the season so right now. got five games going on the giants with an early lead the cowboys trying to answer the Buccaneers offense coming off the field as their set the point. as Bruce errands making his debut as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Arizona Kyler Murray just picked off by the lions deep in their own end so Murray was on the road I mean on the run rather and just tried to throw it away but not well enough and the lines take over deep in Arizona Territory so they'll have it first and ten at about the twenty yard line let's go back to MetLife stadium Cole Beasley standing by call rich Ackerman how are you here are you all right congratulations on the win and may not have always been the prettiest win but nonetheless a win and how important is it to get that first week get the win not only get the win but on the road against division opponent how big is that M. L. or take them anyway we can get a man it was a sloppy start but says a lot about the guys on this team that the fight back in and be resilient like that and still come back and pull it off there's a lot of optimism about this team this year and you have some veterans yourself Frank gore among them that I've been through a lot in the NFL what do you think this year more than last year they're they're they're so much optimism. I think it's the guys all the guys we brought in to add the guy that they already had and then just how we've been building in camp hill as a team McDermott does a great job of of bringing us all together and every guy knows about each other so this seems real tight real close the very unique situation here in buffalo your quarterback Josh Allen has a year under his belt right now it looks solid today two hundred fifty four yards passing in a touchdown what's the connection been like with him and what stands out about him he did a great job today man and they are a look bad on the stat sheet but a lot of them were just hit balls from Lyman and they were just fallen in the right place for them so it wasn't bounce art direction I kept telling them like if you're fine don't worry about it keep keep ground and he did many kept plant he kept running through reading more about the status of the numbers he just kept bonding he helped her get a job today I made the point before you know to get a big win in week one against division opponent on the road but this is improved division not only you but the jets brought in a lot of high priced talent what did you find different about this team or or what stood out about them today to you that that made this win extra special no it is the first time I played the jets in awhile and you know they were very good team and they do a lot of things out of on defense ever tough plan again they did a great job yeah I definitely made it difficult for definitely in the first half of all the turnovers. yeah I was just a good job of the same granite threatened pushing through and and find a way to get that W. call thanks so much for a couple minutes greatly appreciate wish you best of luck the rest of the way yeah thank you Michael Beasley of the Buffalo Bills after a seventeen sixteen win and he had some words of encouragement for his quarterback during the game in very nicely done obviously he had one ball the go off is that one off his hands into the hands of CJ Moseley and that was responsible for the first touchdown but as he's as I said nice words of encouragement first quarter back to keep going out there and do it and Josh Allen with a very strong rookie season trying to build on it walks away with a seventeen sixteen win as they made the plays down the stretch today and a thirty eight yard touchdown pass and also a three yard run for Alan in the fourth quarter when they scored fourteen points so strong second half for Alan in the bills and speaking of Alan's Keenan Allen a touchdown reception from Philip rivers just a couple of moments ago so the charge a lot of scoring in this one early charges lead the colts by a score of thirteen to six so after Austin Eckley got them gone with the one yard pass from Philip rivers T. Y. Hilton answered with the reception from Jacoby burset and then Keenan Allen putting the Chargers back in from thirteen to six SO four percent is completed eight of his first nine passes for sixty one yards for a touchdown as well Philip rivers off to a good start ten of eleven a hundred and five and two touchdown passes in this first quarter in change for San Diego so keen and Alice caught four passes for fifty eight yards and a touchdown Austin ECR four passes thirty two yards and a touchdown so good start for AKC litter who is not only the four receptions he also is five carries for twenty five yards and the Chargers at home lead the colts by a score of fourteen to six Kyler Murray was intercepted but the lines were unable to do anything with it so they've given the ball. back and the cardinals now have it at their own forty yard line facing a second for that one is scoreless the bangles on top of the sea hawks tell them saw a scoreless for the first quarter so very quiet start for Seattle as the bangles of a three nothing lead the forty Niners on top of the Buccaneers early by a score of three to nothing in the giants with a seven nothing lead over the cal boys part of that opening scoring drive for the giants with a fifty nine yard run by a se Kwan Barkley also fumbled the ball for the first time in his NFL career did not lose it giants fortune to recover and then right after that fumble Barkley made up for it by going fifty nine yards for the touchdown and speaking of touchdowns. dak Prescott is just thrown one so the cowboys with an extra point of tying this one up so depressed got get in the cowboys on the board seven six with three nineteen left in the first quarter in big D. so Ezekiel Elliott off the hold out he's back and so for today's carried the ball four times for thirteen yards dak Prescott so far eight of twelve ninety eight yards and just got the cowboys on the board on that opening scoring drive for the giants the Eli manning was a perfect for.

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