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Of a suit in park lane south capitol street moving well the early issues on York Avenue inbound leads the Anacostia headed toward the third St towing or it's west retired WTOP traffic blustery and cold all day today we're in the mid to upper thirties to near forty degrees now temperatures will hold around forty all afternoon winds will gust to near forty miles per hour as well be ready for a very windy and cold day tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy but dry high forty five on your Friday forty two still breezy and cold on Saturday back to fifty on Sunday I'm storm team four meteorologist Chuck bell for WTOP we're at thirty nine degrees and holding on our nation's capital brought to you by new look home design get fifty percent off all roofing materials Millicom design dot com check them out when severe weather strikes keep it right here your twenty four seven weather source WTOP WTOP dot com still ahead this half hour on WTOP the president announces a point person for the corona virus outbreak WTLV at four twenty welcome in this early Thursday closure with this easy mayor Muriel Bowser is keeping up pressure on metro to restore late night service hours on metro rail the mayor says DC's nightlife economy needs metro open late C. C. workers DC mayor Bowser told the rally that DC's nightlife is a seven point one billion dollar industry that supports nearly sixty five thousand jobs the director of the mayor's office of nightlife Sean Townsend says metro should operate late along with the city's nightlife I think the first step is to get back to the hours that we initially had three A. M. on the weekends natural general manager Paul Wiedefeld is proposing new two AM closings Friday and Saturday nights and.

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