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Com good morning it's a forty eight I think in whether on the aids and when it breaks are the trouble in Maryland on route one in Elkridge southbound before route one hundred the crash under direction near hillside road may have a brush fire upon generals highway Crownsville down here for twenty four thirties were headed to the area in Annapolis fifty at the bay bridge down at the Virginia Maryland line three a one of the nice mac Middleton bridge both the big bridges operating with wind warnings in effect but no vehicle restrictions may have had one on fire in northeast along West Virginia Avenue near mount olive it registered to thirties were there also in Lorton we had a vehicle fire was on route one near Giles run road you may still find yourself under direction we're quiet otherwise interstate really no delays ninety five three ninety five sixty six four ninety five moving well into Maryland you look good on two seventy south coming out of Frederick all the way to the lane divider we're quite between about ways on ninety five in the bottom of Washington parkway on mark this morning the train down brands are twenty eight seventy eight still reporting about a thirty to thirty five minute delay after holding for CSX signal issue mark trains are operating on our schedule for the holiday there's no VRE service metro buses on a supplemental Saturday schedule metro rail is operating on a Saturday schedule work is continuing the red line single tracking between Medical Center in Grosvenor buses replace trains between two common Glenmont and with the work Silver Spring forest Glen weakening then month stations all close leave no one behind in the sporty spacious crew ready Cadillac X. T. six test drive yours today at your Washington DC area Cadillac dealer Jack Taylor WTOP traffic Chuck bell has our storm team four four day forecast and boy check nice sunshine this morning bye bye is a cold you betcha finally a little hint of winter has returned for the entire month of January through yesterday we were still nearly nine degrees warmer than average.

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