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A moment Tony is still here using the program is always Sunday night after the Packers game okay Erin Andrews is the sideline reporter for fox Chris Myers was there as well hello how do I get into this all I'll just say it is an internal Rogers dated once right or they were together and said yeah they were thing as best I can tell twenty ten the ash okay so first Super Bowl last superb only Super Bowl for Rogers around about ten years ago they're very Rogers were thing and I'm sorry but every single time that Erin Andrews interviews Aaron Rodgers there is like a sexual tension out right flirtation am I the only one who sees this and picks up on this and it's a little awkward to me Tony did did you not pick up on this I'm somebody that is well I I then when they have their postgame interview last Sunday at it I just crossed my mind I just kind of brush it off and like all that so little is a little bit of I don't know if what you call attention a little bit of flavorful label that's for sure but I think it was like when she called on the all right old man joke when he was talking about the Scotch right so she's on the field first of all I think she always gets assigned whenever it's to sideline reporters for the big games for the playoff games I I don't I don't know for a fact but I want to say she always gets assigned the Packers sideline not off that's because her Rogers you know used to or not but then what she's got insider knowledge that lets me out as Chris Myers doesn't have so Chris we're going to put you over to see how excited for this I will get it right over here I don't know but here is the end and that's what you were talking about this when I picked up on their end Jews interviews Aaron Rodgers and media there shaking her head but I'm willing to bet you're not you're sitting here hold right now going yes Scott I'm glad you're saying that because I thought the exact same thing here is the end of the Erin Andrews Erin Rogers interview after the game on the fifty yard line on Sunday he asks a couple of questions related to the game itself and then here's the last twenty four seconds then I'll just well we just played here absolutely obviously you Max out in November didn't go the way you want it you you thinking of.

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