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Factor dot com studio. Here's Mike Gallagher. It's a good thing. We have a show like this to try to break down all the breaking news that's happening and there's a ton of it. A ton of breaking news as we get back from the long holiday weekend, and we welcome you in. I hope you were able to maybe Recharge your batteries a little bit, although sadly, you're going to need batteries throughout much of the country. Being walloped by winter weather and lo and behold, there are people without power, but by golly, the Democrats have given us turbines. You got big windmills. That are evidently frozen. Show people are, you know without power. Who needs power in the winter. Come on. Don't don't be entitled. Don't Don't. Don't Don't. Exert your check your privilege. Check your privilege, would you please? You're racist. If you want to have your power on Because Joe Biden is saving the planet. Climate changes in existential threat. So we got to get rid of the coal power plants. Shut him down, Destroy him. Build turbines. And hope it doesn't get icy and cold hole like it is now because if it does, the turbines don't work. Then they got to figure out how to unfreeze the turbines. While people are shivering in the cold and pipe Saperstein and Homes are being destroyed. But climate change. It is. Ah fanaticism. My colleague and friend Tom Trad him. Wrote a great piece for town hall dot com. Called Joe Biden's dark winter is here. As millions of Texans Struggling without any electricity this week. Times going toe pop on the show and talk a little bit about what's happening to the great state of Texas, and what's happening is a catastrophe. Here's another catastrophe, the media refusing to bother to cover Plunging covert 19 cases. You want to know a catastrophe? How about all the smart kids? All the experts telling us it isn't gonna matter if you get a vaccination. Doesn't matter. You still gotta wear your mask and socially distance and stay home and not travel and keep the school's locked down. That's what they're saying. That's what they're saying. Um Daily Cove in 19 cases in America just hit their lowest levels since October. ALS. The cases all the data is showing. The cases are plunging, but it's not the vaccine. It's because We're socially distancing. We're wearing our masks were not traveling. We're not living as long as we Don't live. As long as we keep This state of You know, being like Dracula. In a castle somewhere, holed up in our coffins. We'll be all right. I'll be okay. Now I don't want you to pay attention to things like the news out of Israel. There's data from Israel that shows a 94% drop in symptomatic Cove in 19 infections among 600,000 people who received two doses of the Fizer and beyond Tex vaccines. Vaccinated group was also 92% less likely to develop any severe illness from the from the disease. You like those numbers. You think that's kind of a big deal? Listen, I know Vet. There's other, more important pressing issues to worry about. Like, you know, Nancy Pelosi, starting a 9 11 type commission to investigate the January 6 riots. They're not done with that yet. That isn't over yet. And they're not done going after Trump they listen acquittal. In the impeachment trial. That's just that's just phase one. You wait and see how they criminally prosecute him. You watch. Cause they need him. They need. They need the Boogey man around. They're not. They're not letting that go any time soon. So don't pay any attention to pesky little. Marshals of fax like the Cases, plunging 94% with the vaccines. You know what Dr Tom Friedman, shut on CNN the other day. It's a true story. I'll get the clip for you. Dr Tom Frieden, the former CDC director, told CNN. I don't think the vaccine is having much of an impact at all on case rates. It's what we're doing right. Staying apart, wearing masks, not traveling, not mixing with others indoors. Other experts. I'm reading this goofy article over the business insider dot com. Other experts say seasonal patterns and the virus may be playing a role. Summer, wondering if declining rates or merely a reflection of your people getting tested. In other words, they don't have any idea. You know, I got a friend who always says the virus is gonna virus. Virus courses through the population. You get sick you don't you do you don't but at some point We're going to have to start living again. And it seems to me That the so called experts Don't expect that to happen any time soon. That's a very big deal to me. How about you? Let's find out 1 806 55 Mike Tuesday, February 16th. We're in the relief factor dot com studios and I am glad you're along for the ride. We got a lot Breaking news. A lot of analysis coming your way and I want to find out what you make of these. What Where are you with this cove in story and the vaccination problem. Have you gotten a vaccine yet? I'm not eligible. Heck, I lived. I go back and forth, ostensibly between two states. I can't get a vaccine in Florida can't get a vaccine in New York. I'm not jumping ahead of any line when I'm eligible. I'll get one or two, I guess. How about you? You haven't trouble with the vaccine. How hard is it to get a vaccine? Into the arms of all the Americans who want one because what.

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