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Nearly every appliance making model washers. Dryers refrigerators, freezers, washers, ranges, air, conditioners, and more master tech handles both residential and commercial work. And always solves the problem. They're kept nations are friendly knowledgeable and on time. Call seven three four six six two zero six four one that's seven three four six two zero six four one or toll free eight hundred six three zero three thirty one. You can also visit master tech appliance dot com. Online master tax cetera boulevard. One block off stadium near the Ann Arbor post office service hours daily, eight thirty AM to master tech appliance technicians who care servicing applying. Nces throughout washtenaw Livingston and western Wayne County, conservative Christians have been pushed around for too long. It's time to push back. Hi, I'm Jeff noble pasture. Four winds church. Northville, we are new church that is dedicated to fighting against the evil in America at four wins. We believe in the scripture, the sanctity of all human life, both pre and post more God's definition of traditional marriage and the separation of church and state, but not the separation of God from government four wins is not perfect. Our imperfections are probably just like yours. Do you want to church teaches and preaches the whole word of God? And knows that Jesus is the only answer to problems than I invite you to check out four wins church. We meet Sundays at the marquee theater. Located at one thirty five main street in downtown coffee. Doughnut fellowships at ten thirty and worship is at eleven AM. We love children so bring them and your bible for the way church is supposed to be go to our website at four wins. Love dot org. That's four wins. Love dot org. It's time to push back. So I pray. You'll join us. This Sunday at eleven AM. Thanks god. Bless. If you've got to ship boxes, make copies, get your own mailbox..

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