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All of these things that you feel so much like you data nature to and and that helps you not identify with it. Not it doesn't have to be your anger anymore. Can just be anger and so the combination of viewing it with some warmth and then viewing it as nature as a selfless phenomenon that you don't have to claim that project seems like i would love to be further and further along in the development of those twin mutually reinforcing capacities over the next three years. Me to you mentioned the weather patterns earlier in the conversation at midnight getting. I very rarely i would say never get angry. At the day for being overcast or raining or fill the blank right so getting closer to that level of equanimity detachments slash connection with the occurrences of emotions. Viewing them similarly that something to aspire too. You can view your emotion as a weather pattern. This is not my analogy. Because i can you view the what is a hurricane or any storm. It's a confluence of meteorological atmospheric events that come together to create a storm. But this you can't find any core to the storm. There is no essential nugget of storm. It's a coming together of variety of phenomena and the same is true for your anger but we just don't see it that way and so starting to just play with the idea of like this anger may just be a naturally occurring phenomenon just like a storm as joseph goldstein often says takes the nutrient of i out of it and makes it so much less loaded question popping to mind for me. I don't know why. I want to ask it but i'm going to ask if i were to ask dr bianca your partner in crime partner life or not i if i were to rather put her in a situation with you where she is saying to you dan i am so proud of you for dot dot dot just looking back over. The last could be last. Few years could be last week. Could be anything but what my she said you. I don't have to guess. Actually because jerry colona not that long ago he and i were having a skype session and he asked me something to the effect of like what would be similar question to what you just asked like what would be and i said..

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