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On today's part of my take, we have Celtics forward. Would you say superstar? Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Superstar sales superstar Gordon, Hayward. They're okay. Awesome. Interview with Gordon Hayward. We went up to Boston when they were when punk was going on last week, we interviewed Gordon Hayward. It was a lot of fun, really cool guy. We also have a very special not return about Rushmore, but something similar that you're gonna really like hot cool thrown and because it is Wednesday guys on chicks PF t you have something you want to tell us before we get started. Please also respect. My let's go. So if you'd let me back. They don't cook your love. You. I'm going to be the bigger man and rise above it. I to talk to you guys about velveeta. That's right via creamy shows so so good. And you know what? It's raining outside, whether starting to turn to fall, you know time it is it's time for some MAC and cheese. It's MAC and cheese season presumptuous of view to think that everyone is listening to this in New York City at four o'clock on Tuesday. Well, everybody is listening to this in the fall, and you know what happens to the fall gets a little nippy outside. Nothing like a little velveeta shells in liquid gold cheese to help you shake the blues of autumn. You know what? If you're an SEC fan or any college football fan realize, but especially SEC it can be draining. The game day ritual starts early. Got tailgates that get kicked off in the morning. You stand around, you make your voices heard from the stands through every minute of the game. The weather's either scorching and humid or it's cold and rainy and watching a bar or friends can be Justice intense, and you know what, after a long day of being college football and. SEC fan. You want nothing more than your couch into indulge, nothing, but the good stuff. You know what? Velveeta shells and cheese has that no other pasta company does. They've got unique richness cream IOUs. I'm talking cheesiness and melting. Their pasta shells pool, the.

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