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Two point nine karn i gotta tell you something our guest attorney george ridder just told me something really really funny apparently there's some politicians trying to get a new tax and they're saying that at some point if you vote for this new tax at some point they'll they'll let it go away that's that's pretty rich nobody's going to fall for that are the george well actually there there's two have sits percent increases in the sales tax propose one would go away by by the very terms of the measure sure sure sure laws bite all but but the second half percent will not go away half a cent or half a percent half a percent okay all right so but they'll find a way to extend the first one would even when the bonds paid off but all have lewis hold a special election on on a date nobody knows about right well that's that's pure speculation as to what they might well that's what i do uh they uh they they have we have a problem here is is the city among male is uh already has twenty six million dollars in bond debt and this is going to add another if if these measures are going to add another eighteen million to it we're gonna come up with forty four million dollars in bonn debt sound like some of the city councilman a city rectors i'm sorry i'm an arkansas selling some city directors my one and run for congress they finish great in washington dc well they uh they certainly are uh in my opinion quite two enamoured of taxing in spending yes um it anyway i'll read your what the uh what what the measure about public safety is the show you how they they weren't these things yeah it says it's uh it's uh for the operation and maintenance of the city's public safety facilities in voting but not limited to that is the language.

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