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The video tonight. And we warn you. It is difficult newly released police videos, capturing the heart racing moment in officer comes face. Face with death. What are you doing back here early morning in the Chicago suburbs? Last July officer Brin Tedesco approaches us as fishes SUV parked on a gravel path. I just have to make sure you know, you don't have any warrants or anything, which I'm sure you don't driver gives a phony name. But he's actually Kenneth Martell wanted in Pennsylvania for the murder of an eight year old, man. Can I your name on it Mortell hens over a slip of paper but quickly reaches for a gun and pulls the trigger? No. The gun jams for twenty agonizing seconds. She tries to disarm him meeting. No. A backup officer racing to the scene shooting and killing Martin. I would suspect. David authorities discovered. This actually had a number of weapons the officer was not hurt. David Alex Perez tonight, Alex, thank you. We're gonna turn now to the teacher charged with assault after surveillance showing her dragging and nine year old boy with autism through the halls of the school tonight that teacher in Kentucky facing possible charges, and here's ABC's Stevenson Saami. Now, the elementary school teacher from eastern Kentucky seen in this security camera. Video dragging child with special needs up and down a hallway will appear in court tomorrow. Yeah. Police have charged Trina Abrams with the salt and the fourth degree or former student nine year old. Alan Jackson was diagnosed with autism and doesn't speak very well. When his mother saw this. She says it broke her heart. I saw all of his new class mates and his friends along the wall watching him being dragged down the hallway she posted the video on her Facebook page looking for Justice at I I needed to go to social media for my child to have a voice. I was horrified. When I saw it. I couldn't believe that. She would track him this happened in October. And in a statement, the green up county school district says the student was assessed by the school nurse and the teacher was removed from the school. The child was new to the school, and the parents don't feel this was disciplined, the state will decide if the teacher keeps her license, David. All right. Steve. Thank you. And next here.

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