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So that had to sting a little bit for Billy Packer beating his his squad right there but Saint Joe's ones eighty four eighty and and that's it thank you Chris Paul probably had as he was a freshman at that point probably had his worst game of his career there he had thirteen points but it took a lot of shots and did I get four shot attempts in the entire first half of what more than twelve minutes without a basket in a game it makes two field goals all game is that you know you did for the most part take care of business at the line but yeah really passive game you would Tyrone barley shutting down your barley yeah who doesn't get any hype it's all the latte west junior Nelson but he he deserves a lot of props in that game he got big minutes because Brian Rosenfeld trouble right early on and and Pat Carroll as you heard in a lot of those cuts was was a real key to that team to hit a lot of big shots for them really you know throughout that season and it was good player for St Joe's realize is brother end up playing in the NBA Matt who played at Notre Dame but Pat was a really good college basketball player yeah both teams shot fifty percent from three but just wait miss like a ton of them when they matter yeah and in Saint Joe's was down one at the half it was thirty eight thirty seven at the half mmhm sell the they they come back to win that of course they advance sad the way it ended that you know in in the elite eight they lose the Oklahoma state of all that but it was just dumb walk it's sort of bounce off a guy's foot rolled right to John Lucas and he knocks at the retail which was unfortunate that was after Carol hits a three to put St Joe's up with twenty nine point nine seconds left to give St Joe's a one point lead Lucas the third hits at the rate Jim here it's a pretty good luck and can't get a shot at it they were on it yeah I was a little bit short so that's how they ended up losing two best players this game for Wakker Justin gray and descent Ellie Williams Erik Williams Erik Williams and both of them they they basically go right from this game to Europe yeah I don't really have any any NBA experience interesting to to Saint Joe's guys doing Jones and John Bryant are current and secure staff yeah you you you if you look at at the six ever play again look right behind Brett brown and you've you've you could see them and I think John bright may now be in the on the end up in the you know on the first batch now with yes lying out of there yep I think ESL yeah they're both of those guys it is interesting of course John Bryant fame of el Gouna gate with John Cheney all right he's the illegal screens a ended up and yeah Cheney put enforcer hands in the air and it started a whole thing but John Bryant was the guy went up I thought broke his hand right brokers aren't on on one of those site one of those place so yes Saint Joe's unbelievable game against Wake Forest they wanted eighty four eighty and that raise them up at that point to thirty and one on the season and that it would and you know sort of certain certainly the next week it would end all right so we help guide I was like you know you know his own way Billy Packer kinda gets validated because not all the state when's it but also in there the point spread was their favorite in that game I have ever there's a lot of outrage about that till it's like this out just you know this but the side that you think it's for the outrage tonight now it's unbelievable all right so let's move on so we're gonna fast for twelve years later to twenty sixteen to Villanova Villanova a team that it hadn't won a national championship since nineteen eighty five and you know what it was was last in the final four N. D. two thousand nine season but this team you know certainly looked like it had a lot of potential for sure and but they were taking on a Kansas team and I do realize this till I started you know digging around a little bit you realize what coming into this game like Kansas had won seventeen straight leading and I came there were the highest in the country Frank Mason was in the Naismith running I don't know who won it that year but use I remember him he had a tremendous season yeah Kansas was the number one overall seed noble was until people tend to forget that but they're all Seton hall in the big east they had a chance to to go through Wells Fargo center correct they lost the big east champs of yes M. which made me put a lot of doubt in people's minds you know whatever the case may be but you know and we've come to seen this to see this in years get a sense that as well J. right flat out owns bill self he owns and even this year yeah I mean the the the only the only time I think he beat him was last season right the previous the nineteenth season I the cameras one there in a tight one the year Kansas one at all seven oh wait wait yeah they're Chalmers Chalmers here they beat Villanova Sweet Sixteen right right but for the most part Jay's really kind of taking its own cell yeah I mean this isn't over team that I had a lot of adapt to it a lot of good players the eighteen team certainly had some of the some carryovers from that team but you know you had the Josh charts you had the Jaylen Brunson as a youngster are you certainly have some guys who could play on those teams for sure and Kansas right unbelievable the entire season so let's let's give you a little taste of that contest Villanova Kansas a lead eight to advance to the final four so a match up of a one seat against it to see where we go these teams met two years ago in the Bahamas it was a nail biter came down that was shot by RGB oculata Samus double tops it is and the next it was this this is the biggest tournament this Richard they can believe them take a he is lane one to see he does he does it very well the second chances led by four at sixteen to twelve point thirteen to nothing run for Villanova Mason blows right by it feeds the I'm ready this is absolutely vital to keep hands is once Hey it's Jenkins your more than first thriller not used to guarding a guy like ticket didnt close out made a pay as you see the lowest first half point total for Kansas the entire season the fence doing a good job he said the grant C. it is a big kiss so there's a chance with a three point play brings it back up to five that's a new fashion three the largest deficit of two billion over five it was excellent support which has to put in a lot of different business models the Liverpool street six first of all the good hands and said it's largest lead of and then although the reels off seven straight with the three is the yards with the two once the three it's the he is control twenty two seconds ago the big push again quickly get to the rim you might get a kick out of three message again takes it inside so that was once he's done that tonight now the one with fifty seconds here's Mason bridges is on a six a little these kids step with the regulation they have had this is the key one now hello that is a lot of guys playing well Jim bridges on the floor spectacular seldom does it all the way down well you can just I mean the president was I just love everything about this.

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